10 September 2011

Worst Punt Ever?

Oregon State is looking like they are really going to struggle this year. They got embarrased by losing to Sacramento State last week and then today got dismantled to Wisconsin. Their first punt of the game certainly did not help as it went a total of -4 yards. I kid you not. (Video courtesy SportsGrid)

09 September 2011

Packers Hold Off Saints in 2011 NFL Season Opener, 42-34

Saying that the 2011 NFL season started off with a bang would be an understatement. In an exciting game that went down all the way to the wire, the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers defeated the prior Super Bowl champion New Orleans by a 42-34 score in the NFL Kickoff Special.
Aaron Rodgers went at the Saints secondary early and often, leading the Packers to a 21-7 lead at the end of the first quarter. The Saints in their opening drive coughed up the football and that ultimately was the difference as Rodgers was just so lights out early on. Rodgers threw three touchdown passes and 312 yards. One of the touchdown passes was to rookie wideout Randall Cobb, who made his NFL debut in style with a touchdown reception and an 108 yard kickoff return for a touchdown, tying Ellis Hobbs for the NFL record.
Drew Brees had a spectacular night, throwing for 419 yards and three touchdowns himself. But in a game that came down to the final yard, literally, the first quarter fumble was costly.
The Saints did have a final chance down eight after forcing the Packers to punt with less than two minutes left. The Saints almost had to start their drive at their own one but the one of the players on the coverage unit was ruled to be in the end zone that touched the ball. Brees then moved down the field with precision until with three seconds left A.J. Hawk broke up a pass in the end zone but was called for pass interference. The Saints tried to run it in and got stuffed and that was the game.
NBC Sports' Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth called the exciting showdown on Thursday night and have the recap from Lambeau Field.

07 September 2011

Why Moving the Astors to the American League is a Bad Idea

Ever since Bud Selig has been commissioner, he has tried to create more excitement down the stretch but in turn has caused boring pennant races like the one this year which is pretty awful. His new scheme is asking the Houston Astros to move to the American League, which will even out the leagues and create six divisions of five teams. Here is why I'm opposed to this proposal.

MLB on Fox Schedule: September 10th

The 2011 MLB season is in the home stretch and the playoff races are shaping up. Fox Saturday Baseball features three games this Saturday, each involving a team in the playoff picture. The games are Indians-White Sox, Athletics-Rangers, and White Sox-Tigers. Here are the announcers for each of those games as well as the distribution splits so that you know which game will be on your television on Saturday.

The Colts Are in Serious Trouble Without Peyton Manning

As we all figured, Peyton Manning will not be starting for the Indianapolis Colts in their season opener at the Houston Texans thus Sunday due to lingering effects of his neck injury. Since their replacement options do not inspire much confidence as well as the fact that we do not know how long Manning will be out, the Colts are in serious damage control now.

06 September 2011

What is Next for the Jaguars & for David Garrard?

The Jacksonville Jaguars stunned many today with the release of quarterback David Garrard. If this decision was made a few weeks ago then it would not have surprised a lot of folks but considering it comes mere days before the team's season opener against the Tennessee Titans, leaving Luke McCown as the starting quarterback. Here's what I think it next for the team and their former quarterback.

2011 NFL on Fox Announcers & Distribution: Week 1

Another season of the National Football League is upon us and that means another season of the NFL on Fox. Fox has a doubleheader in week 1 as usual. The lead game at 1 will be Falcons-Bears while other games in that window are Eagles-Rams and Lions-Buccaneers while the lead game at 4:15 is Giants-Redskins while the other games in that window are Seahawks-49ers, Vikings-Chargers and Panthers-Cardinals. Continue reading for announcers for these games plus the distribution splits for each game so that you know what game will be seen on your television this Sunday.

2011 NFL on CBS Announcers & Distribution: Week 1

The 2011 NFL season gets underway this week and that means another season of the NFL on CBS. It is a singleheader week for the Tiffany Network as usual in week 1 due to coverage of the US Open Men's Final at 4:00 EST. Steelers-Ravens will be the feature game which most of the nation will get while the rest of the nation will get one of the following: Colts-Texans, Titans-Jaguars, Bills-Chiefs, or Bengals-Browns. Continue reading for announcing assignments and distribution splits so you know what game will be on your television this Sunday.

2011 College Football Week 2 Picks

My predictions for the second week of games in the 2011 College Football season. College Gameday will be in Ann Arbor for Notre Dame-Michigan. 

Bruce Chen Singing? Greatest Clip Ever?

A friend of mine was at Kauffman Stadium over the weekend for the Indians-Royals game and he told me there was a video of Royals pitcher Bruce Chen karaoke singing. I, like most people, did not believe it. Then he should me the video evidence and it is completely and utterly awesome. Let's go to the videotape.

05 September 2011

The Worst Sports Television Theme EVER

Now in my spare time when I'm just aimlessly on the internet, I like to listen to sports television themes on YouTube. There are some classics like NBA on NBC or Monday Night Football but then I found the worst one ever. It's from the NBA on CBS from the 1970's and it has possibly the corniest lyrics you will ever hear. Even cornier than One Shining Moment, if that is possible or legal. Fortunately CBS learned and cranked out a couple of really good theme for their NBA coverage like this and then this. But let's listen to the brutality that was this theme. Here we go.

Jimmy Connors Remembers Magical Run at the U.S. Open in 1991

In 1991, a thirty-eight year old Jimmy Connors was widely considered to be finished. He has not even played in the previous year's U.S. Open due to knee surgery. But he then went on to "the best 11 days of my life" in Flushing Meadows that year and went on a spectacular run all the way to the semifinals, knocking off Patrick McEnroe, Michiel Shapers, Karel Novacek, Aaron Krickstein on his thirty-ninth birthday, and Paul Haarhuis. He did end up falling to Jim Courier in the semifinals on Super Saturday but that run that enchanted the packed Louis Armstrong Stadium every step of the way will stand as one of the most memorable moments in U.S. Open history. Earlier on CBS, they aired a feature in which Connors relived that run twenty years ago. Let's go to the videotape.

Oklahoma Running Back Dominique Whaley: A Wonderful Story

The top ranked Oklahoma Sooners have been looking all offseason for a replacement for departed running back DeMarco Murray. It appears that after Saturday's rout of Tulsa in Norman that they have found their man in junior Dominique Whaley. But the surprising Whaley has a unique story all of his own of how he found himself in this position.

Happy Labor Day America

To all of those hard working Americans, you are the real heroes. Bless you all and have a wonderful day.

Grantland: Good Website, Awful Commercials

So as you might have known, Grantland.com is the Bill Simmons website featuring columns about sports and pop culture. It's quite good as there are many talented writers at the site, most notably Simmons and Chuck Klosterman. But they just released a commercial for the website that may be one of the worst I have ever seen. Let's go to the videotape.

Tiki Barber's Comeback is a Fail

So, unsurprisingly Tiki Barber's comeback after four years of retirement in which he worked as an analyst and NBC contributor and was neither good at both, left his pregnant wife for an NBC intern that he is now engaged to and made up what the G on the Green Bay Packers' helmets stood for has proved fruitless. His one tryout, with the Miami Dolphins, did not work out as they chose to sign Larry Johnson instead and nobody else has brought him in. Now as the NFL season approaches, we can now laugh at the joke that Barber has become.

04 September 2011

Should Jim Tressel Be Suspended By The NFL? UPDATE

The Indianapolis Colts made news this week with the announced that embattled former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel would join the organization as a game-day consultant assisting the clueless Jim Caldwell in deciding whether to throw the red challenge flag. This sparked controversy after Tressel was forced out in Columbus due to lying to and misleading the NCAA about players on the team being involved in a memorabilia for tattoos scheme. The very same scandal forced quarterback Terrelle Pryor to leave school and head to the NFL, where he was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the supplemental draft. Pryor will be suspended for the first five games of the NFL season. However, Tressel will not receive punishment, but should he have?
UPDATE: The Colts have decided to suspend the employment of Tressel for the first six weeks of the season.

2011 NFL Week 1 Picks

Nothing quite like it, the opening week of the new NFL season. Fortunately the lockout did not interfere with the 2011 NFL season at all and we are at this point. Here is the inaugural edition of my 2011 NFL week-by-week picks, which I will pick every game of every week and track how I did. Here we go with the 2011 NFL season and my week 1 predictions.