27 August 2011

What Texas A&M Leaving the Big 12 Means for College Football

Texas A&M has been very public in its desire to join the SEC and leave the Big 12 in the dust and the Associated Press has reported that the school will announce that statement in the coming week. What does this move mean for the collegiate football world? Here are my thoughts.

2011 College Football Awards Predictions

We're coming up fast on the 2011 college football season and therefore here are my predictions for winning the major college football awards, including the highest honor in the land, the Heisman Trophy.

2011 NFL Season Preview & Predictions

Well as we all know, the 2011 NFL season will go on as planned as the dreaded lockout ended without interfering with any regular season games. The Green Bay Packers will try to become the first team to repeat as Super Bowl Champions since the New England Patriots did so in 2004. Meanwhile the Pittsburgh Steelers will try to avenge their loss to the Pack and build on their record of six Super Bowl Championships. The other 30 clubs will try to reach the promise-land as well. But which teams do I think will be playing for the Super Bowl and which one will be the champion?
It's time for my 2011 NFL season preview.

25 August 2011

SMU Wants In On The Big 12 And Why It Could Happen

Well it's seem we are getting closer to Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 as it sent a letter today to the Big 12 saying that it is exploring other conference options, obviously the SEC. Whether or not the Big 12 will fall apart is not quite clear (I think it will eventually) but there have been two candidates for replacing the Big 12 circulated often and they are Houston and BYU and both would be good fits in the conference. But there's a school that has gone public in their desires to join the Big 12 and it is SMU. And it may sound crazy, but it could happen and here is why.

ESPN Makes Michael Vick White, I'm Not Kidding

Well ESPN the Magazine is running an issue all about Michael Vick and there's an article, plus the accompanying picture seen above, titled "What If Michael Vick Were White?" It was written by noted author TourĂ© but he asked ESPN to not call it "What If Michael Vick Were White?" and he never thought they would put in a picture of Vick in whiteface. In other words, it speaks to the classiness of the supposed worldwide leader.
Want to see the picture in action? Here's it and the article on ESPN.com (which ESPN took down then put back up. Pretty bizarre article to be honest (everything would be okay if Vick was white. Everything that has happened to him is a result of his being African-American) and the photo is just absurd. But then again, we're talking ESPN here.

24 August 2011

MLB on Fox Schedule: August 27th

Four games will be on Fox Saturday Baseball on the final Saturday of August, how about that. These four games are Braves-Mets, Tigers-Twins, Rockies-Dodgers, and Pirates-Cardinals. Continue reading for announcers of these telecast as well as the distribution splits so you know what game will be on your local Fox affiliate this Saturday at 4 p.m.
UPDAYE: Braves-Mets will not be on Fox as both the Saturday and Sunday games of the series were postponed due to Hurriance Irene.

2011 US Open Preview & Predictions

It's the final Grand Slam event of the year, the US Open. Under the bright lights of New York, tennis' biggest stars will take center stage as they try to end their season with a championship at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. Who do I think will win for the men and women?

23 August 2011

NFL on CBS 2011 Commentator Pairings

The commentator pairings for the NFL on CBS in 2011 are out with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms remaining the top crew. Who didn't see that coming? Anyways, here are the crews for the 52nd season of the NFL on the Tiffany Network plus my analysis of each.