13 August 2011

Dennis Rodman's Emotional Hall of Fame Induction Speech

Did anybody know what to expect from Dennis Rodman during the induction ceremony of the Basketball Hall of Fame? Well did anybody expect such a touching and emotional speech from the notorious oddball? Let's go to the videotape.

12 August 2011

Double Dose of Moustache on PTI

We have noted Bill Simmons' glorious moustache but today on Pardon the Interruption we saw not just his but another's, this time coming from the hateable Dan Le Batard. I've got an idea of what he reminds of in that picture. Courtesy @PTI.

MLB on Fox Schedule: August 13th

We are right in the heart of the dog days of summer and what better time for some baseball as the races for the pennant are in full swing. Fox Saturday Baseball has three quality matchups with most of America seeing Rays-Yankees, while others will see either Rangers-Athletics or Brewers-Pirates. Yes the Pirates will be on Fox. Good stuff.
Continue reading for announcers and distribution.

11 August 2011

Proof That ESPN Does Not Care About Hockey

These were taken from the ESPN page of the NHL preseason schedule. You can check it out here. Because it isn't like the Thrashers moved or anything. And this team just popped out of nowhere.

Joe Buck & Snooki...Together Again

Joe Buck was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday as was that skank from the Jersey Shore. Photo courtesy of the great @danpbell of Fox Sports.

10 August 2011

Who are the Future Stars of NASCAR?

It is always critical for NASCAR to develop young talent, but possibly not as important as now, where there is a shortage of young talent at the Sprint Cup Series level this year, as this and last year's rookie of the year races have been very shallow. But there does seem to be hope on the horizon as there seem to be some bright talents coming up through the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series. Let's take a look at who are some future stars of the sport.

Just A Matter Of Time Until The Big 12 Blows Up

It seemed that just a year ago, the Big 12 seemed to be right on the verge of collapse. Nebraska was moving to the Big Ten, Colorado was moving to the soon-to-be Pac-12, which was also seemingly going to invite Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, which was also pondering moving to the SEC, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, while Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri would be left fending for themselves. Right as it seemed all hope was lost, none of the remaining ten schools did leave. Texas was angry that the Pac-12 would not allow it to run its own network while Big 12 commissioner Don Beebe promised the other ten schools a major increase in the television contracts to be only split amongst 12 schools plus allowing any schools to form their own television network. And thus the conference was saved.
But now it seems that it won't last very long before it all falls apart. Why would the conference collapse? Let's look at the reasons.

Is Rex Grossman Out Of His Mind?

So in the midst of a riveting position battle between two great quarterbacks in Ashburn Park, Virginia, one of the challengers, Rex Grossman, found the need to say something in an interview that resulted in the most facepalms since this came out in theaters. So what exactly did he say? Let's take a look and then break it down.

Who Should Play the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show?

You can't really describe the halftime show at Super Bowl XLV. Words cannot describe the historically and biblically bad performance by the Black Eyed Peas. My ears are still suffering from all the trauma.
And on that note, the NFL/NBC Sports really needs to rebound from and find somebody with some, you know, talent to perform at the halftime show during Super Bowl XLVI. Here are some suggestions of mine.

08 August 2011

How Many NFL Analysts Does ESPN Need?

For some reason, ESPN has felt that they were in such need of some more NFL analysts and they have been on a hiring spree over the last couple of weeks. Former Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas, former Jets and Browns head coach Eric Mangini, former offensive lineman Damien Woody and as was announced today, the greatest receiver in NFL history, Jerry Rice. One has to wonder how many analysts does the supposed Worldwide Leader in Sports need?
UPDATE: Apparently they have room for one more as Bill Parcells, who worked at ESPN from 2002-03 and 2007-08 is rejoining the network.

Bill Simmons' Moustache

Yes that is real. No he is not trying out to star in a Magnum, PI reboot. There's only one way to describe this caterpiller on The Sports Guy's lip. Take it away GFR.

Why is Chris Myers Calling NFL Games on Fox?

Now this is not going to be a rant on Chris Myers as a person (although those Katrina comments were disgusting). Myers built a solid reputation at ESPN in the 90's as a quality reporter and as a good interviewer on Up Close. And he does good work when he's a sideline reporter for the NFL on Fox. Granted he's a clown on NASCAR on Fox but when he drops the outsider act can do some good work. But for some reason, Fox is putting him as a play-by-play announcer full-time on Fox NFL Sunday, where he will work a game every week with Tim Ryan on the five crew. Facepalm.

Steve Williams Should Shut Up

What will the biggest story be after the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, which Adam Scott won by four strokes at 17 under par, at Firestone? Not Scott with one of the biggest wins of his career but rather his caddy Steve Williams, best known for being Tiger Woods' caddy for 12 years. Woods recently announced that Williams would no longer be his caddy and that "a change was needed".  Williams decided to steal the show for Scott's victory when the spotlight deserves to be on Scott. First let's take a look to what Williams said to CBS Sports' David Feherty after Scott nailed the winning putt and I'll give you my analysis of such.

07 August 2011

Should the Denver Broncos Start Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow?

Perhaps the most intriguing controversy in training camp is going on in Englewood, Colorado between Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow. The most important move of new coach John Fox's tenure thus far is deciding which quarterback will be the starter. Which one should he choose? Here's my take.

Danica Patrick Is Just What NASCAR Needs

It has been widely rumored and reported that Danica Patrick will leave the IndyCar Series when her contract is up and run full-time in the NASCAR Nationwide Series for JR Motorsports as well as part-time in the Sprint Cup Series for Stewart-Haas Racing. And if it all comes together in that Patrick will be driving stock cars in 2012, it will be a boon for NASCAR.