06 August 2011

2011 NFL Coaching Carousel: Grading the Hires

There are eight new head coaches in the NFL for the 2011 season, including two interim coaches from a year ago that got their interim tags removed. Of course, hope always springs eternal when a new sheriff comes to town but these guys will have a tougher go at it due to the lengthy lockout. So how do I think the organizations in the market for a new head coach did in their hires? Let's take a look.

05 August 2011

NFL on Fox 2011 Commentator Pairings

We now know the commentator pairings for NFL on Fox for the 2011 NFL Season and surprise, surprise, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman return as the top crew. Bet you did not see that one coming. Anyways, here is who will be calling your NFC games this season on the Fox network.

NFL Coaching Hot Seat, 2011 Edition

It is never too early to speculate which NFL coaches are on the hot seat. The problem from the many coaches that are in fear of losing their jobs is that the lockout does not help their chances much due to the lost time that these coaches could have sorely used. Which coaches are on the verge of losing their jobs during or after the 2011 NFL season? Let's take a took.

03 August 2011

What is Next for the New York Islanders?

The New York Islanders are in a very tough situation. The team is rapidly losing money playing in the decrepit Nassau Coliseum. Attendance has been very low, ranking near the bottom of the NHL for years now. And the most recent plan to build a new arena on Long Island was voted down by voters. Amidst relocation rumors, the time is running out on this once proud franchise. What will its next move be?

MLB on Fox Schedule: August 6th

Only two games on Fox Saturday Baseball this Saturday, as the featured game will be with two teams that do not get a lot of national exposure, the Yankees and Red Sox. The other game is Phillies-Giants, a matchup of two of the finest clubs in the Senior Circuit. But that game will be only seen by less than 20% of America. Ridiculous.
Continue reading for announcers and distribution.

What Does the A-Rod Poker Controversy Mean?

It was reported earlier today that Major League Baseball will be investigating the involvement of Alex Rodriguez in some illegal, underground poker activity. The report always says that one of the poker games in question turned violent with some cocaine use and could leave Rodriguez suspended.

2011-12 College Football Season Preview

Well another exciting season of collegiate football is right around the corner and it promises to be one of the most wide open seasons in years. A handful of teams have a legitimate shot at the national championship trophy as pictured above. But only two will. Which two teams do I think will have the opportunity to play for the national championship? And how about the other 118 teams?
It's time for my 2011 College Football Preview.