30 July 2011

Ubaldo Jimenez to Cleveland Analysis

Did not hear of many people predicting this trade but alas, the top pitcher on the trade market, Ubaldo Jimenez of the Colorado Rockies, has been dealt the Cleveland Indians for four top prospects, Drew Pomeranz, Alex White, Joe Gardner, and Matt McBride. Continue reading for my analysis of the trade.

28 July 2011

MLB on Fox Schedule: July 30th

More MLB on Fox action coming at you this Saturday with a trio of quality games distributed regionally across the nation. The Cubs visit the Cardinals, the Rays head northwest to play the Mariners, and the Angels head to Motown to play the Tigers. Continue reading for announcers and distribution.

27 July 2011

Watch the Egregious Ending to Pirates-Braves Last Night in the 19th Inning

It's blown calls like these that are going to make it extremely tough for MLB and Bud Selig to ignore the calls for instant replay. I for one am in total favor of replay for everything, with the exception of balls and strikes. Everything else should be reviewable.  You can't ignore the 8,000 pound gorilla in the room when umpires are making wrong calls.

25 July 2011

There Will Be a 2011 NFL Season After All

Well now the squabbling and the backdoor wheeling and dealing has come to a fin and there will be football played this year after all. The NFL and the players have agreed on a deal for a new CBA, according to the AP.
And now the worrying will end, and the fun will begin.