15 January 2011

2011 College Football Coaching Carousel: Grading The Hires

Twenty-one college football programs have hired a brand new coach, including some of the big names in college football such as Michigan, Miami (FL), and Florida. How did these programs do in their hires?
My grades of the new hires are after the jump.

ESPN Sunday Night Baseball 2011 Schedule

How odd is it to see a Sunday Night Baseball crew on ESPN without Jon Miller and Joe Morgan? But tha's the story for the 2011 MLB season as the terrific Dan Shulman takes over the play-by-play mic, the solid Orel Hershiser returns and the mediocre Bobby Valentine rounds out the booth. And ESPN ash released their 2011 Sunday Night Baseball schedule, up to June 17th. Take a look.

14 January 2011

The Greatest New York Post Cover

Is that not the greatest thing you have ever seen? It's not as good as this headline was but just in case there was not enough hype for Jets-Patriots part three, they made this beauty and this has to be applauded. Joe Namath as Yoda might just take the cake.

Joe Theismann Called Him Danny Wood-What?

On NFL Network's No Huddle: Road to Dallas, they were discussing the New England Patriots and the legendary analyst Joe Theismann referred to Danny Woodhead in an incorrect manner. Hilarious. check it out.

And here's the full, unedited video that is even better than the video above. Check it out here.

13 January 2011

Yankees Do Sign Rafael Soriano After All

Despite alluding that they will not sign Rafael Soriano, the Yankees have followed my advice and have signed Soriano for a nice $35 million over three seasons. While that is definetly a lot of money and the Yankees probably overpaid but that's okay and here's why.

Denver Broncos Hire John Fox

It's not often that a head coach coming off a 2-14 season immediately gets another job but that is the case here as John Elway announced on Twitter that John Fox, formerly head coach of the Carolina Panthers, will be the next head coach of the Denver BroncosFox was the head coach in Charlotte from 2002 through this season and compiled a 73-71 regular season record and a 5-3 postseason record and got the team to Super Bowl XXXVIII where they lost to New England

Cleveland Browns Hire Pat Shurmur

The Cleveland Browns have hired St. Louis Rams offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur as their new head coach following the firing of Eric Mangini. Shurmur is charged with leading the Browns out of the bottom of the AFC and to make them a playoff contender. Shurmur had been the Rams offensive coordinator since 2009.

12 January 2011

2011 NFL Mock Draft, 2nd Edition

There has been a lot of talk over which quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft will go first. Will it be Heisman Trophy winner Cameron Newton from Auburn, Blaine Gabbert from Missouri, Ryan Mallett from Arkansas, or Jack Locker from Washington? With a lot of teams in need of a franchise quarterback, there is a strong chance that all of these quarterbacks go early, but which do I think will go off first?

Time for my 2011 NFL Mock Draft, second edition. 

11 January 2011

Carolina Panthers Hire Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera, formerly defensive coordinator of the San Diego Chargers, is the next head coach of the Carolina Panthers and is tasked on returning that downtrodden club, 1-15 in 2010, back to the upper echelon to the NFC. Rivera coordinated the Chargers defense from 2008-10 and the Bears defense from 2004-6.

2011 NFL Playoffs: Divisional Round Picks

The second round of the NFL Playoffs is upon us and now we get to see those teams with a bye in action. We are inching closer to the Super Bowl and who will get even closer?
It's time for my predictions, divisional round style.

10 January 2011

A Fireman Ed App? Really?

Could they get any more ridiculous applications than a Fireman Ed app? Why would they make an application for the most obnoxious fan in sports? I mean, really? Then again for some reason this idiot is a Hall of Famer so what the hell? The world just does not make sense anymore.
Now we'd like to introduce the Big Dawg app, which is the only Apple product that DOES require batteries.
(The Big Lead)