18 December 2011

Why the Packers Losing Could Actually Be of Benefit

The dreams of 16-0 by Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers are now dead following a shocking 19-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, who manhandled them all game. If the Chiefs did not stagnate in the red zone early on, the game would not have been close.
But here is why the loss may actually come out to benefit the Packers.
In case you have not realized, going undefeated is pretty damn hard. The pressure that bears down on the players as they get closer to the record is pretty heavy. Maybe that contributed to the Packers' poor effort today.
But now as they have lost, the pressure to go undefeated is gone. They are still the clear favorite to get homefield advantage in the NFC, only needing a victory, so this loss won't hurt them by any means obviously. And now when they hit the playoffs, they won't have any pressure to win if they had gone 16-0 and thus any potential letdown would be massive. Now if they don't come through in the playoffs, the letdown will be high but not as high as it was.
Now the Packers have some injury woes on the offensive line that could hinder them and the defense got gashed today by a very solid performance by this Kansas City club. So going undefeated may have been the least of their worries.

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