12 December 2011

Todd Haley Fired by Chiefs

It's been a topsy-turvy year thus far for the Kansas City Chiefs. They started off the year 0-3, during which I labeled them clearly the worst team in football. Then they rattled off a four game winning streak and took the lead in the AFC Worst West. But now they have lost five out of six, sitting at 5-8 after a thorough beatdown in the Meadowlands on Sunday and head coach Todd Haley has gotten the axe. The Chiefs went 19-26 in two plus years in the Haley tenure, one that experienced lows and a high of winning the division last year but as Haley has struggled to find an offensive coordinator he could get along with, as Matt Cassel continued to suck and injuries to many key players took its toll, this is not a surprise. Romeo Crennel will be the interim coach for the balance of the year.
As for what is next for Haley, I'd surprised if he did not become an offensive coordinator for some team next year. I have a feeling Jets fans, who rail on Brian Schottenheimer like it's their job (and probably is), will be pulling for him to return to the Jets (worked in the organization from 1995-2000).

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