30 December 2011

A Terrell Owens Sighting? Great?

In case you don't remember who Terrell Owens, he was that great NFL receiver that was also a bitch who drove himself out of San Francisco, Philadelphia and Dallas whilst burning his bridges out of each while not making much of a mark in one-year terms in Buffalo and Cincinnati. He also was the star of shows that nobody watched on VH1 and Versus but of late has been sitting on his coach, waiting for offers to come.
And so it appears that Owens does have an offer for the 2012 season from...Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. I'll let you take a shot of something alcoholic and we'll discuss after the jump.
UPDATE: It's official, Owens will be playing for the Allen Wranglers.
Apparently this is a legitimate deal and involves a possible ownership stake in the club as well as a salary of around $250,000-$500,000. And the Wranglers GM is Cowboys legend Drew Pearson, so take that as you will as well as how he says that the deal is 70% done, which I guess is positive.
But I guess T.O. is so desperate to get back into football that he is willing to settle for an offer from a team in the Indoor Football League, not even the Arena Football League but the secondary, at best, indoor football association. Maybe he just wants to get back into football and off the sofa. Maybe it's just a classic publicity stunt, although I think him playing baseball or touring with the Harlem Globetrotters would be more interesting. I'm not sold on what to think of this and maybe it isn't anything worthwhile since it's nothing official yet but I thought it was humourous.

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