30 December 2011

Could Mike Shanahan Get Fired This Offseason?

It seems that every coach in the NFC East is on the hot seat but you haven't heard that much about Mike Shanahan down in Washington and his job security (or maybe I'm going deaf). But could he actually get the axe from owner, the beloved, Dan Snyder?
If Snyder has truly changed and is not meddling in the personnel affairs, which is one thing I don't believe but it is the narrative of what's going on down in Redskin Park, then firing Shanahan would not make sense. He really has no big playmakers on offense, and especially no franchise quarterback, but the Skins do have a solid defense. Get a good QB in the mix through the draft and via trade and maybe this team could be a playoff contender. The Shanahan has a big contract would also seem to be a deterrence. And there doesn't seem to believer that Shanahan would not be coaching in Washington next season.
But as we all know, history repeats itself, and Snyder is sure a fan of drastic and rash decision that come out of nowhere. This is a guy that fired Marty Schottenheimer after only one season, one that started with five consecutive losses but ended on an 8-3 run. And many of Snyders' expensive acquisitions have failed and the team has sucked on the field, going 11-20 in the Shanahan era with one game to go this season. The aforementioned offensive struggles take on larger significance considering that Shanahan is an offensive guru and his son, the once highly touted Kyle Shanahan, is the offensive coordinator on his expensive staff. So once again Snyder is spending a lot of money for a losing team, which sounds familiar considering that's been the majority of the Snyder era.
Now one must also consider the fact the big names available on the market like Jon Gruden, Jeff Fisher, Bill Cowher (Fisher is the only one I see coaching next season but it's important to name the other two) and the fact that potentially that one if not multiple if not all of the Redskins' rivals will be looking for a new head coach and all are attractive jobs for teams that can throw money around. Maybe Snyder would throw his money around at one of them to prevent them from going to a rival, which is what he did with Shanahan but if you haven't realized with Snyder is that he doesn't seem to think his decisions completely through, hence why so many end up failing.
So while I would not bet money on Shanahan not being the head coach of the Washington Redskins next season but we just cannot predict Snyder to say it would not be past him to make a decision like this. Now if only Jack Kent Cooke were still alive...

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