07 December 2011

Alex Ovechkin Took PED's? Another Piece of Journalistic Failure to the Highest Degree

Few things piss my off more than media hacks and now you can officially count John Steigerwald of the Washington (PA) Observer-Reporter as another one of them. This was the guy that said that the man who was beating up badly at Dodgers Stadium should not have been wearing a Giants jersey to a game. So basically in short, the guy is a complete jackass who writes garbage to get readership.
So his latest stunt is blaming Alex Ovechkin's subpar season on performance enhancing drugs. Wow.
Now that would be a story, if Steigerwald did not just make it up out of the blue. He cites no sources, not even anonymous ones, but says "there are whispers and maybe some out-loud conversations" that Ovechkin's downfall is due to the "lack of artificial help," or obviously performance enhancing drugs.
But what is telling that he says that that is not proof that he was taking performance enhancing drugs. So he says that he's writing an article accusing Ovechkin of using PED's using information that he says does not mean anything. High quality journalism.
This moron tries to link Steigerwald to noted PED provider Anthony Galea as "his doctor" but again with no proof. One should note that Galea was suspected to have treated two Redskins and the only linked NHL players are Jason Spezza and Adam Foote. There has been no linked connection between Galea and Ovechkin by anyone, anywhere. And Steigerwald does a god awful job of trying to make a case that there is.
So like what any right minded journalist would do, Puck Daddy's Ryan Lambert took Steigerwald to school on Monday morning for essentially making stuff up. So Steigerwald as you would suspect did not take kindly so Lambert then called in Stergerwald's radio show to defend himself. Basically Steigerwald ended up digging his own grave.
He said that "Nothing I said is based on fact. I don't have the facts to prove it." He also said "More often than not, they turn out to be true, so I'm going with the percentages." Well I don't know how many baseless rumors about a player using performance enhancing drugs end up being true. And then Steigerwald basically assumes that Ovechkin's mother used drugs because she was a Russian athlete.
I mean, come on. If you are going to write a damning article on someone, at least use sources for your information and don't make baseless arguments without any support. Any journalist knows that. But not this asshole.
It will be a shame to journalism if this jackass still has a job at the end of the week.

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