27 December 2011

2011 NFL Week 17 Picks

It's the final week of the regular season for the 2011 edition of National Football League action. We've still got plenty to be decided. The Cowboys and the Giants face off in a winner take all showdown in the Meadowlands for the NFC East. The AFC West is still up in the air. There are still some teams in the mix for a Wild Card spot in the AFC. Who's gonna get in the playoff mix? My playoff picks RIGHT NOW.
Last Week: 11-5
2011: 152-87

Sunday, Jan. 1st
Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars (CBS, 1:00)
If the Colts were smart, they would lose this game so they would be able to draft Andrew Luck. Can we trust the ever so clueless Jim Caldwell in doing that? I don't think so but I do think they will get carved up by  Maurice Jones-Drew. I like Jacksonville.
Jaguars 7 Colts 6

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots (CBS, 1:00)
Somehow the Bills just smacked the Broncos. Does that really say much going in against the Patriots? Possibly. But I do think Bill Belichick is hungry for that top seed and is not going to let a bad Bills team get in the way.
Patriots 31 Bills 20

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans (CBS, 1:00)
So much for Yatesfever in Houston. T.J. Yates has truly been awful of late, opening the door to some Jake Delhomme action. That's telling, ain't it? This Titans team has a playoff berth on the line and it needs to win and get some help. I think they will at least achieve the first objective and finish their division rivals behind a strong performance from Matt Hasselbeck.
Titans 24 Texans 16

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins (CBS, 1:00)
Well the Jets...are the Jets. They played well in a must-win against the Giants last Saturday in the first half, gave up a big play then sucked ass in the second, leaving their playoff hopes in danger. I do think Rex Ryan will get this crew playing hard and get a win to keep their slim chances alive. Maybe he'll get in a spat with Lex Hilliard or something. That'd be cool...I guess.
Jets 16 Dolphins 13

San Francisco 49ers at St. Louis Rams (Fox, 1:00)
St. Louis has just been so bad this year, one in which they were thought of as a strong contender in the NFC West despite a very tough schedule. But that tough schedule turn into losses while the 49ers crushed everyone out west. That will happen again as the woeful Rams, with their coach likely getting the axe, will find themselves with a nice draft pick.
49ers 27 Rams 8

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings (Fox, 1:00)
Have to give some credit to the Bears, they came to play on Sunday night and while Aaron Rodgers was not forgiving, Kalil Bell ran the ball well and Josh McCown was actually not bad. But I don't see those performances repeating against a Vikings team playing for their coach's job. Even without Adrian Peterson and maybe Christian Ponder, I think he will start, I'm feeling the Vikes.
Vikings 16 Bears 14

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles (Fox, 1:00)
Neither team has anything to play for but the Eagles would at least like to finish at an even 8-8. And let's be frank, the Eagles are much better across the board than the Redskins. They've strung together a few well-played games in a row and I think they'll close the season that way.
Eagles 30 Redskins 17

Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints (Fox, 1:00)
The Saints would like to get themselves a bye in the playoffs. But first they will have to get by this Panthers team, one that would be much better with an actual defense. I'm feeling a bunch of points in this one for sure and I believe that Cam Newton will outduel Drew Brees, who may not play the entire game.
Panthers 45 Saints 42

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers (Fox, 1:00)
The Packers have literally nothing to play for. Homefield advantage throughout the NFC Playoffs was clinched on Sunday night. I've touched on what I think about resting the starters and don't expect Aaron Rodgers and the Cheesehead Brigade. Do expect much from Matthew Stafford and the Motown Sound. Yes those are two terrible nicknames I just thought of.
Lions 31 Packers 25

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals (Fox, 4:15)
Both teams could have been in play for a wild card position this week but things did not slide that way as both lost last week in tough losses. Both teams have gotten solid defensive work of late so I think it will come down to the quarterback play and I'd give John Skelton an edge over Tarvaris Jackson. In fact, who would I not give an edge over Jackson?
Cardinals 14 Seahawks 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons (Fox, 4:15)
Raheem Morris is as good as gone and this team has been consistently creamed over the last several weeks and there's no end in sight as this team is playing less inspired than Evan Romano and his stupid tweets. Anyways, Atlanta is not gonna lose. In fact, I like them as my Lock so take that as you will.
Falcons 24 Buccaneers 3

San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders (CBS, 4:15)
The Raiders have a division title on the line right here potentially if Denver loses and they have been looking solid of late. One must think what this team would look like with Darren McFadden back. The Chargers have underachieved as usual and don't expect anything more, cause Norv Turner should be getting fired nonetheless.
Raiders 19 Chargers 15

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns (CBS, 4:15)
I picked Cleveland a few weeks ago and they almost won. I'm not testing my luck again, even if we are playing down in Cleveland town. Whether Big Ben can go or the Governor, not his nickname, Charlie Batch, the Steelers have got a division title on the line potentially if Baltimore loses and quite simply, Cleveland sucks. The team and the town.
Steelers 20 Browns 6

Kansas City Chiefs at Denver Broncos (CBS, 4:15)
Ever since Tim Tebow was told to lighten up on the Jesus by Jesus, the Broncos have played like garbage. Unfortunately for them, the Chiefs come into Mile High playing well of late under interim coach Romeo Crennel. The Chiefs will win here and leave the AFC West division title pending the results of the game in Oakland.
Chiefs 20 Broncos 18

Baltimore Ravens at Cincinnati Bengals (CBS, 4:15)
The Ravens have been so inconsistent this season, especially away from home. Meanwhile the Bengals can finish off their surprising season in the playoffs if they take this game. The Ravens are playing for a division title but I think since Marvin Lewis can taste the playoffs in this mouth that they are too close to turn back.
Bengals 23 Ravens 21

Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants (NBC, 8:20)
This game is for all the marbles in the NFC East. Win or stay home for the playoffs. I think this game will be like the first matchup of the year for these teams, close throughout. I think the Cowboys will end up leading throughout much of the game but unable to put the Giants away and Eli Manning will lead a game winning drive while Tony Romo fails to do likewise.
Giants 31 Cowboys 28

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