13 December 2011

2011 NFL Week 15 Picks

Patriots vs. Broncos. Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow. Who will win that showdown? Here are my week 15 picks.
Last Week: 9-7
2011: 130-77

Thurs., Dec. 15:
Jacksonville Jaguars at Atlanta Falcons (NFL Network, 8:20)
The Jaguars looked explosive on offense last week, not even kidding as they smoked the Buccaneers so badly on Sunday. Can they do it again against a much better Falcons team? I'm gonna go with a no on that one.
Falcons 21 Jaguars 12

Sat., Dec. 17:
Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL Network, 8:20)
Could the Cowboys lose this game? Sure they could, team's more inconsistent than Evan Romano. But Tampa Bay has just been awful, losing seven in a row and the last have not been close. This may be Raheem Morris' last stand and I think it will go a little like Custer's.
Cowboys 42 Buccaneers 19

Sun., Dec. 18:
Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills (CBS, 1:00)
So Miami's little run ended with a thud against Philadelphia last week and now they have a new coach after Tony Sparano got fired. Buffalo is still getting blown out week after week. I think the Dolphins will have a similar result to Jacksonville last Sunday in their first game with an interim coach.
Dolphins 31 Bills 14

Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts (CBS, 1:00)
I threw out a lot of crazy picks last week and got them all wrong. The next one will be right here. There is no reason for me to pick the Colts to upset the Titans but Dan Orlovsky will make some plays and the defense will get a couple turnovers and 0-16 won't happen. Take that with a grain of salt.
Colts 17 Titans 14 

Cincinnati Bengals at St. Louis Rams (CBS, 1:00)
I'm still looking for the Rams' offense but I have yet to find it. Maybe their offensive line will stop playing like garbage (just sayin'). The Bengals just lost in the last seconds to the T.J. Yates Show and with their playoff chances at risk for going wayward, they'll get a key win here. And maybe pee on the Gateway Arch (Jeff Parles, I'm calling your bluff).
Bengals 24 Rams 7

Carolina Panthers at Houston Texans (Fox, 1:00)
Speaking of T.J. Yates, he's the next guy to take the nation by storm like that guy in Denver. OK probably not but he was impressive last week, throwing a last second winning touchdown pass. Carolina's defense will get chewed up by Arian Foster and Ben Tate with a little Yates mixed in. Sounds delicious.
Texans 31 Panthers 28

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears (Fox, 1:00)
Well Caleb Hanies...blows, to be honest. He looked a little better against Denver but he still has not shown much ability to move the Bears offense down the field. Meanwhile, the Seahawks' defense has been tremendous of late and Marshawn Lynch has been a touchdown machine. I like Seattle to get to .500.
Seahawks 22 Bears 10

New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings (Fox, 1:00)
Adrian Peterson will probably return this week for the Vikings and Christian Ponder has made some plays as well. But this defense is not stopping anybody right now and now they are taking on this Saints offense, indoors no less. I like the Saints as my Lock.
Saints 38 Vikings 11

Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs (Fox, 1:00)
Who is Romeo Crennel going to start at quarterback this Sunday against the undefeated Packers? Tyler Palko? Kyle Orton? Ricky Stanzi? Quagmire? Does it really matter? No.
Packers 42 Chiefs 9

Washington Redskins at New York Giants (Fox, 1:00)
The Giants are the best of the NFC Least East right now and I've got no reason to say otherwise. Eli Manning has played really well of late and thus the team has played very well. This Redskins team is just plain not good. They'll keep it close but the Giants will roll.
Giants 27 Redskins 19

Detroit Lions at Oakland Raiders (Fox, 1:00)
Carson Palmer is giving away the ball at an alarming rate, throwing a boatload of picks. I think that will come back to haunt him again this week. I also think the Lions will come out and play well and hard and not fall off in the second half like they did last week.
Lions 30 Raiders 21

Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals (CBS, 4:15)
Lost in the shuffle of Seattle's surprising winning streak is Arizona's own winning streak. They have played great defense, John Skelton is making plays, and Ken Whisenhunt has probably saved his job. Cleveland is just not good, their offense is putrid.
Cardinals 18 Browns 5

New York Jets at Philadelphia Eagles (CBS, 4:15)
The Jets were thought to have their playoff lives on the line after that excruciating loss to Denver but now have themselves in a good spot with three wins in a row. The Eagles did just beat Miami good but they also have not been consistently all year. I like the New York team.
Jets 13 Eagles 7

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos (CBS, 4:15)
You know what, I don't hate Tim Tebow. I have nothing against him because he didn't beat my team or anything, even though I hate how ESPN jizzes their pants over him. But I'm sorry, this 'Tebowmania' is going to come to an end right here. Actually it won't end because then ESPN would have to talk about hockey.
Patriots 45 Broncos 24

Baltimore Ravens at San Diego Chargers (NBC, 8:20)
Chargers got a nice victory over the Bills but I mean, that does not say much anymore as the Bills have completely fallen off the planet. I'm a big Ravens fan right now I think they are the best team in the AFC. Philip Rivers will make this somewhat of a game but Ray Rice will carry Baltimore to victory.
Ravens 30 Chargers 20

Mon., Dec. 19:
Pittsburgh Steelers at San Francisco 49ers (ESPN, 8:30)
This should be easy, right? San Francisco is coming off a disappointing loss to Arizona while Pittsburgh fought hard for a victory over Cleveland. But I think that Ben Roethlisberger will be a little hindered by his ankle injury and San Francisco will come up with a big bounce-back victory.
49ers 21 Steelers 20

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