06 December 2011

2011 NFL Week 14 Picks

NFC East matchups always have a lot of meaning but the showdown between the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium has a pretty significant meaning in the divisional race. The Cowboys can solidify their control of the division while the Giants can make the race even tighter. Who will come out on top on Sunday evening? I pick that and all other games this week right now.
Last Week: 11-5
2011: 121-70

Thursday, Dec. 8th
Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL Network, 8:30)
The Steelers should not have any problems with Cleveland. They are just much better on both sides on the ball, they are at home, why would they struggle with Cleveland? But every once in a while you see an eyebrow-raising upset in this division and I remember when the Browns defeated the Steelers on Thursday night a couple years back. I'm feeling crazy this week.
Browns 16 Steelers 14

Sunday, Dec. 11th
Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens (CBS, 1:00)
Hey I have said to some friends that Dan Orlovsky should have been starting over Curtis Painter and I got something right for once. Orlovsky was impressive and nearly led a major Colts upset of the Patriots last week. But the Ravens are not nearly as weak defensively as the Patriots are so that won't happen again.
Ravens 28 Colts 12

Houston Texans at Cincinnati Bengals (CBS, 1:00)
The Bengals really got smacked by Pittsburgh last Sunday. They flat out did not show up against the Steelers last week and it showed. I think they rebound strong and will force T.J. Yates to have to try and beat them, which could work out well.
Bengals 19 Texans 17

Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets (CBS, 1:00)
The Jets got a nice win last week in Landover. Of course the game was closer than the final score appears but they as a whole played much better than they had in a couple weeks, particularly with Shonn Greene. The Chiefs still can't get the offense moving very well so I like the Jets at home.
Jets 16 Chiefs 8

New England Patriots at Washington Redskins (CBS, 1:00)
The Patriots defense got pretty exposed as Dan Orlovsky didn't face much challenges on Sunday. Rex Grossman will thus find some room to throw the ball and play relatively well. But let us not kid ourselves here, boys and girls.
Patriots 31 Redskins 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Jacksonville Jaguars (Fox, 1:00)
Who the hell wants to watch this game? You know what, I don't feel like talking about this so I'll just talk about the great state of Florida. My grandparents used to live in Ocala and it's pretty darn humid there. Walt Disney World may be heaven on Earth. Beautiful people, and Joel Anthony, hang out at South Beach.
Jaguars 5 Buccaneers 4

Atlanta Falcons at Carolina Panthers (Fox, 1:00)
The Falcons are pretty inconsistent I must say and it's probably the result of me picking them to win the Super Bowl. Yes I will mention that almost every week. Meanwhile Cam Newton has just been a boss this year throwing it and running it and I think he'll engineer an upset.
Panthers 31 Falcons 27

Philadelphia Eagles at Miami Dolphins (Fox, 1:00)
Can somebody please tell me how this Eagles team has been pretty mediocre this year? Can somebody tell me how this Dolphins team has looked so good of late. I'm tired of waiting on the Eagles to finally get their s*** together so give me the aquatic team.
Dolphins 24 Eagles 17

Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions (Fox, 1:00)
The Vikings gave a valiant effort against the Broncos on Sunday but it's hard to take on the entire Catholic Church at one time. Meanwhile for the Lions, it was a tough loss for them to take to New Orleans on Sunday night but I think Matt Stafford will rebound to whip their division rivals.
Lions 35 Vikings 15

New Orleans Saints at Tennessee Titans (Fox, 1:00)
Maybe Chris Johnson was finally healthy, maybe he's started to try, regardless he's been looking more and more like his old self. But the Titans are going to need to throw the ball and I still don't think Matt Hasselbeck is completely healthy. The Drew Brees Express will take this one.
Saints 31 Titans 20

San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals (Fox, 4:05)
The Cardinals' surprising victory over the Cowboys is really a testament to the brilliance of icing your own kicker. Ken Whisenhunt's men will come out fighting but the 49ers have just been kicking ass and taking names of late and expect a big game from Frank Gore.
49ers 24 Cardinals 9

Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos (Fox, 4:05)
The Broncos and that quarterback who shall not be named just don't seem able to lose, maybe God or Ron Swanson will not let them. Meanwhile Caleb Hanie and the Bears have been 0-2 in their last two games and the offense has not been great. When in doubt, go with Tebow.
Broncos 20 Bears 11

Buffalo Bills at San Diego Chargers (CBS, 4:15)
Buffalo is pretty hopeless right now. They just can't win a darn game as their playoff chances have gone away quicker than a girl when approached by Ray McDowell. And I don't think that the bleeding will stop in San Diego although Norv Turner will do his best anyways.
Chargers 28 Bills 23

Oakland Raiders at Green Bay Packers (CBS, 4:15)
You probably thought that the Packers' toughest test in attempting to go 16-0 was last week in the Meadowlands and the Packers just barely won with a Mason Crosby kick at the horn. Why would they struggle with a team that just got teed up by Miami. I'm feeling a little trap action here.
Raiders 37 Packers 35

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys (NBC, 8:20)
We's got ourselves a race in the NFC East. The Giants fought hard and lost to Green Bay last week but at the same time the Cowboys fell flat out in Glendale to Arizona so the lead remains with Dallas at a game. I think these teams are pretty equal, more equal than many say, so I'll give the edge to the Cowboys defense who I think will force one key Eli Manning error late.
Cowboys 30 Giants 28

Monday, Dec. 12th
St. Louis Rams at Seattle Seahawks (ESPN, 8:30)
Let me tell you something about this Seahawks team. They may be inconsistent (perennially), their offense may blow, but they play really well at home. Their defense feeds off the 12th Man in Seattle and they will rattle Sam Bradford and friends early. Call me crazy once again but the Seahawks are my Lock.
Seahawks 13 Rams 3

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