22 December 2011

2011 NFL Season: Predicting the Playoff Picture after Week 15

There are only two weeks left in the 2011 NFL season and still much to be decided in both conferences with four clinched teams in the AFC and three in the NFC. The wildest races seem to be in the AFC West, the NFC East and both wild cards. Who do I think will make the dance?
Playoff Machine results

Right Now - Playoffs
1. New England Patriots (11-3)
2. Baltimore Ravens (10-4)
3. Houston Texans (10-4)
4. Denver Broncos (8-6)
5. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-4)
6. New York Jets (8-6)

In the Mix
Cincinnati Bengals (8-6)
Oakland Raiders (7-7)
San Diego Chargers (7-7)
Tennessee Titans (7-7)
Kansas City Chiefs (6-8)

My Projections - Playoffs
1. Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) (AFC North title)
 vs. St. Louis (W)
 at Cleveland (W)
2. New England Patriots (12-4) (AFC East title)
 vs. Miami (L)
 vs. Buffalo (W)
3. Houston Texans (11-5) (AFC South title)
 at Indianapolis (W)
 vs. Tennessee (L)
4. Oakland Raiders (9-7) (AFC West title)
 vs. Kansas City (W)
 vs. San Diego (W)
5. Baltimore Ravens (11-5)
 vs. Cleveland (W)
 at Cincinnati (L)
6. New York Jets (10-6)
 at New York (W)
 at Miami (W)

Out of the Mix
Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)
 vs. Arizona (L)
 vs. Baltimore (W)
Denver Broncos (9-7)
 at Buffalo (W)
 vs. Kansas City (L)
Tennessee Titans (9-7)
 vs. Jacksonville (W)
 at Houston (W)
Kansas City Chiefs (7-9)
 vs. Oakland (L)
 at Denver (W)
San Diego Chargers (7-9)
 at Detroit (L)
 at Oakland (L)

Right Now - Playoffs
1. Green Bay Packers (13-1)
2. San Francisco 49ers (11-3)
3. New Orleans Saints (11-3)
4. Dallas Cowboys (8-6)
5. Atlanta Falcons (9-5)
6. Detroit Lions (9-5)

In the Mix
Arizona Cardinals (7-7)
Chicago Bears (7-7)
New York Giants (7-7)
Seattle Seahawks (7-7)
Philadelphia Eagles (6-8)

My Projections - Playoffs
1. Green Bay Packers (15-1) (NFC East title)
 vs. Chicago (W)
 vs. Detroit (W)
2. San Francisco 49ers (13-3) (NFC West title)
 at Seattle (W)
 at St. Louis (W)
3. New Orleans Saints (13-3) (NFC South title)
 vs. Atlanta (W)
 vs. Carolina (W)
4. Philadelphia Eagles (8-8) (NFC East title)
 at Dallas (W)
 vs. Washington (W)
5. Atlanta Falcons (10-6)
 at New Orleans (L)
 vs. Tampa Bay (W)
6. Detroit Lions (10-6)
 vs. San Diego (W)
 at Green Bay (L)

Out of the Mix
Arizona Cardinals (9-7)
 at Cincinnati (W)
 vs. Seattle (W)
Chicago Bears (8-8)
 at Green Bay (L)
 at Minnesota (W)
New York Giants (8-8)
 at New York (L)
 at Dallas (W)
Dallas Cowboys (8-8)
 vs. Philadelphia (W)
 at New York (L)
Seattle Seahawks (7-9)
 vs. San Francisco (L)
 at Arizona (L)

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