29 November 2011

Red Sox Make a Great Hire in Bobby Valentine

The Boston Red Sox have found their new manager and his name is Bobby Valentine. And quite frankly it is a tremendous hire.
I've been seeing a lot of angry response to the Valentine hire by Red Sox fans and I'm not sure why. He has a proven track record as a manager, has handled a big market a la Terry Francona before he Boston and can handle the clubhouse well and run a tight ship and have the players to love him at the same time. He's a charismatic and smart manager who knows the game of baseball very well (don't hold his awful, and I mean awful, tenure as an analyst against him). He knows how to push the right buttons and to get his teams to perform their best as his time with the Mets showed so he'll have the Red Sox right back in the thick of contention after two straight third place finishes in the AL East. What's not to like.

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  1. Here is some stuff about Valentine's time in Japan. It will be interesting to see what his relationship with Cherington and the ownership is like once this gets going.