18 November 2011

Jets Need to Evaluate Mark Sanchez after Embarrassing Loss to Tebow & Broncos

Last night's game between the New York Jets and the Denver Broncos was tough to watch for America, unless you really love bad quarterback play. It was especially tough for Jets fans and their club somehow lost inexplicably to a team they really should have beaten. Talk radio in NY must've been a good listen.
Speaking of Jets fans, being from New Jersey I know a lot of Jets fans, one of them is prolific rancher and failed blogger Jeff Parles, who was so distraught that he sent me a little rant on the state of quarterback Mark Sanchez. Let's take a look at what he had to say.
95 yards with 5 minutes and change to go down by 3 for the Denver Broncos should have be an easy stop for the Jets defense which had dominant the entire night but that was far from the truth.  Tim Tebow orchestrated a magical drive for the Broncos as he led them 95 yards in 4:30 to shock the Jets 17-13.  Tebow ran wild on the final drive including the game winning Touchdown scamper from 20 yards out.  
But this madness should not have even occurred because the game should have been over well before.  The story should not be that Tebow drove the Broncos 95 yards to beat the staunch Jets defense that played their collective asses off the entire night but it should how Mark Sanchez and the Jets inept offense allowed the Broncos to hang in.  Sanchez looked like his mind was scattered the entire night.  Even though at one point Sanchez was 14-17 he was for lack of a better word, horrendous, the entire night.  Without the painful pick-six he threw in the 3rd quarter to Andre Goodman, the Jets probably win by 10.  
This has been the pattern for Sanchez in this his 3rd NFL season. One absolutely horrific throw a game.  He had the interception in the endzone against Oakland that led to long Darren McFadden touchdown run.  The hellish night he had in Baltimore where he fumbled four times (two lost) and threw two interceptions (even though it was not entirely his fault).  The awful interception against the Bills in the endzone that sunk arguably the Jets best drive of the season.  The pick-six to Rob Ninkovich last week against the Patriots, which effectively ended the Jets chances in that game and in the AFC East race.  And now this week where he effectively ended the Jets season with the pitiful performance in the Mile High City.  
Even though Sanchez is on pace to set career highs in touchdown passes, completion percentage and passing yards he has definitely regressed in the year he was supposed to take off. Those numbers come from the Jets throwing the ball more than they run.  The "Ground and Pound" offense of the past two seasons is gone and it is now the "Chuck and Duck" offense.  In past years Jets fans (me included) have blamed the play calling of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer as the reason for the Jets conservative and at some points aggravating play calling.  But now I see why Schottenheimer was so absurdly conservative, he has a mediocre Quarterback at the helm of his offense. The Jets relying more on the “Sanchize” has them at 5-5 with their playoff chances in great peril.  
Next up for the Jets are the Bills who New York beat handily in Week 9 at Ralph Wilson Stadium. We will see if this Jets team has any resolve next Sunday at the Meadowlands, but no matter how the rest of squad plays the Jets are going no where with Mark Sanchez as their quarterback.

-This is the opinion of Jeff Parles. I have merely only edited the myriad grammatical errors. If you disagree you can yell at him on twitter at @palsdasportsguy.

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