06 November 2011

Colts Remain Winless, Could They Actually Go 0-16?

With the Miami Dolphins making a mockey of the Kansas City Chiefs today, that leaves only one NFL club without their first win and that would be the Indianapolis Colts, who fell today to Atlanta 31-7 to fall to 0-9. Now with seven games left in the 2011 NFL season for this wayward team, could they really go winless?
There is no question how much the loss of Peyton Manning has hurt this team, it's been an unmitigated disaster. The Colts have shown that they had no acceptable backup plan if Manning ever did get hurt, the rest of the team is garbage and coach Jim Caldwell is just a buffoon. Judging by watching this team play multiple times this year, they could go winless because they have been so hopelessly bad.
But the Colts do have some winnable games down the stretch. They have two games with Jacksonville, a team they've seemingly always played close with and is a club that has not set the world on fire all year. The Titans and Texans have both trounced Indianapolis but as past history as shown, a multitude of things could and have happened with division rivals. And while Cam Newton and the Panthers have certainly surprised, they have not been doing a lot of winning.
I'm always skeptical about a team going winless since it has only happened once with sixteen games but I would not be surprised with this Colts club. 

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