13 November 2011

Cardinals Hire Mike Matheny as Manager

After the retirement of Tony La Russa, the World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals have been fishing for a new manager and have hired former Cardinals catcher and current adviser Mike Matheny as their manager. It's a move similar to the White Sox hiring Robin Ventura, most notably as it's a move I don't get.
Similar to Ventura, Matheny has no managing experience at all. Unlike Ventura, Matheny has no experience coaching at any level, none at all. I get that he was highly respected as a player and as a leader, but the man has never coached before. And now he's expecting to step right into St. Louis with a team that has just won the World Series and if Albert Pujols returns will be expecting another. That's not exactly a low pressure environment with someone who has never coached before.
Could Matheny wind up to be a great manager? He very well can. But I just think there were better candidates on the market, such as Terry Francona, Jose Oquendo and Ryna Sandberg.

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