26 November 2011

Can the Packers Go 16-0?

Mike McCarthy and the Green Bay Packers have been cranking all season and are now sitting at 11-0 as the last team in the NFL this year without a loss. Now they are looking up at that one crowning achievement, surviving the regular season and enter the playoffs with no losses? Can they do it?
One could argue you that their game next week, at the New York Giants in the Meadowlands (refuse to call it the MetLife Sports Complex), is their toughest test and it probably is. One may scoff considering how inconsistent the Giants are from week to week and how Eli Manning, although he has much improved in this department from a year ago, can be prone to throwing a bunch of picks, which is not good against an opportunistic defense like the Packers have. But the Giants, and Manning, are also prone to coming up big in big games when they are considered an underdog and also playing at home always helps.
Now given the parity present in the NFL, there really are no locks in the NFL but it is hard to imagine that the Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs would be the ones to knock off the Pack. But who thought that a 4-5 Cincinnati Bengals in 2003 that would be the first team to knock off the then 9-0 Chiefs? Of course it's a different scenario but it's something to ponder. As well as the team that arguably came the closest to knocking off the Patriots in 2007 was a 4-7 Baltimore Ravens club.
And then the Packers close out the season with two straight home divisional games with the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions, respectively. Obviously the Packers have defeated both at their place so taking them on at home shouldn't be much of a challenge, eh? Especially with the Bears without starting quarterback Jay Cutler in all likelihood. But both clubs will be in the fight for a playoff spot and who would want to knock off the Packers making history than two divisional rivals? Anything is possible in divisional games as well.
I must also make this mention: my old man said that this Packers team was going to win every game this year back in April. I scoffed at him telling him no chance but it's looking like a pretty good chance as of this writing.

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