12 November 2011

Are Boise State's BCS Hopes Done?

Two of the top BCS busting clubs of the last decade faced off today in Boise but the Broncos were the favorite over the TCU Horned Frogs, mostly because Boise was ranked fifth and undefeated while TCU had a pair of losses and were not ranked. But it was TCU that came out on top today 36-35, winning on a two point conversion that gave them the lead and when Broncos kicker Dan Goodale missed a field goal at the horn. Many are saying that Boise' BCS hopes are dead. After it seems you can only get a BCS bid from being outside one of the auto qualifiers and Boise probably won't even win their conference. But they still have a shot and here's how.
For Boise State to even have a shot at receiving a bid to one of the BCS bowls, they need Houston to lose. Houston right now is in 11th in the BCS standings so they will qualify for the BCS if they win out because in order to qualify for a BCS bid for a non qualifier, they must finish in the top 12 in the final BCS standings. So Houston is safely in if they win out. But if Houston loses, which is certainly possible hosting SMU and Gameday, heading to Tulsa, and in all likelihood playing Southern Miss in the championship game, that opens the door for Boise. There's no chance at all of there being two non qualifying BCS clubs this year so Houston must lose. And Boise needs to win the Mountain West so they need TCU to lose once. Not likely, but possible.
Obviously Boise also has to win out but it depends how far they fall after this loss to a good TCU club. Granted I highly doubt they would fall so far that if they won out they still wouldn't be in the top 12 of the BCS standings anyways but it would be assured if Houston were to lose. So you gotta believe that Chris Peterson and crew will be rooting for the Cowboys, Golden Hurricane and possibly the Golden Eagles down the stretch.

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  1. they dont have to win there conference to get a bcs game . If they want an automatic bid yes.... but if houston loses and say clemson arkansas lose boise has a good shot at getting an at large which is possible by the way i read the bcs qualifying rules