01 November 2011

2011 NFL Week 9 Picks

There have been three consecutive mediocre games on Sunday Night Football but there is hope as one of the top rivalries in football, the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, face off in which should be a physical and violent showdown as the meetings of these two clubs have been in the past. And Pittsburgh has the added incentive after Baltimore crushed them in the season opener. Will they get their revenge?
I'll pick that and all other matchups in my week 9 picks, coming at you right now.
Last Week: 10-3
2011: 71-44

Sunday, Nov. 6
Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts (Fox, 1:00)
You know to be fair to the Colts, their awfulness and extreme futility was brought upon by the injury of Peyton Manning, as we all know, and so is it really their fault they are so bad? Well actually yes because when the rest of your club is so bad and your backup quarterback options are just pitiful, they did not protect themselves by any stretch. So give me the Falcons as my Lock of the Week.
Falcons 28 Colts 9

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys (Fox, 1:00)
My goodness were the Cowboys dreadful on Sunday night, wow. They were just absolutely stagnant on offense and their defense just could not stop the Eagles' explosive crew. But good thing for them the Seahawks are coming to Arlington as DeMarcus Ware could have a feeding frenzy against the Seahawks' mediocre o-line.
Cowboys 27 Seahawks 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints (Fox, 1:00)
Last time these two clubs met the Buccaneers got the best of them at Raymond James as Drew Brees and co. struggled to move the ball until late. That will not happen again and although Josh Freeman will keep the Bucs close, I don't see them outscoring the Brees squad.
Saints 38 Buccaneers 34

San Francisco 49ers at Washington Redskins (Fox, 1:00)
Now that the Redskins have all but f'd their quarterback position by actually playing John Beck, who is not the guy to take anybody anywhere. The 49ers have an opportunistic defense and Frank Gore should have no problem running the football as the Skins are not great at run defense.
49ers 17 Redskins 10

Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs (CBS, 1:00)
So somehow the Chiefs are in first place in the AFC West after winning four games in a row after looking dreadful to start the year. The offense hasn't been spectacular by any means but their defense has been causing many a turnover of opposing offenses. Which does not bode well for Matt Moore.
Chiefs 16 Dolphins 5

Cleveland Browns at Houston Texas (CBS, 1:00)
So we got a punchless like what the Browns have with one of the more explosive offenses like what the Texans have. The Browns do have a really good defense (5th in the NFL) but the Texans have an even better defense (3rd in the league). So you know where I'm going with this.
Texans 21 Browns 6

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills (CBS, 1:00)
Bet you didn't think this game would be close before the year and yet the Bills turned out to be pretty good. The Bills will keep this close because Fred Jackson should not have any problems running the ball on the Jets like he has done all season. But the Jets pass defense will force Ryan Fitzpatrick into multiple mistakes and the mediocre Jets offense will do just enough to give them the victory.
Jets 14 Bills 13

Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans (CBS, 4:05)
Let me tell you something about this Bengals defense, it's pretty damn good. And the offense have found life in 2011 with the impressive rookie combination of Andy Dalton and AJ Green. And this Titans club has been pretty average on both sides of the ball and have been really hurt by whatever the hell has happened to Chris Johnson, probably lethargy from the new contract. I'll take the Cats.
Bengals 19 Titans 12

Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders (CBS, 4:05)
So Tim Tebow and this Broncos club got totally manrammed by the Lions last week and not giving any resistance. The last time the Raiders played they looked just as bad, throwing six interceptions to the Chiefs and getting shut out. But overall this Raiders team is much better than the Broncos and does anybody expect Carson Palmer to look as rusty as he did two weeks ago? Big day for Darren McFadden as well.
Raiders 24 Broncos 13

St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals (Fox, 4:15)
Thankfully this game will be going to a small fraction of the country because this won't be one to watch, unless of course you are a fan of either team. That said I think you will see a lot of running and expect big days from Steven Jackson and Beanie Wells against the opposing substandard defenses. Give me St. Louis
Rams 20 Cardinals 18

Green Bay Packers at San Diego Chargers (Fox, 4:15)
There isn't much reason for me to pick against the Packers, as they have been playing well all year despite tough challengers while the Chargers are inconsistent as usual. But I think Phillip Rivers will have a field day against the Packers' pass defense which has struggled all year and has given up yards to everybody. I'm feeling Norv Turner cooking up an upset.
Chargers 38 Packers 35

New York Giants at New England Patriots (Fox, 4:15)
Well the Patriots are coming off a disappointing loss to the Steel Crew last week at Heinz Field as Tom Brady got beat up consistently and the offense was not the same. Now while the Giants do have a strong pass rush as well, the Patriots often come back strong from a loss (I can't prove that off the top of my head) and we all know how inconsistent the G-Men are.
Patriots 31 Giants 23

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers (NBC, 8:30)
Well things have changed since these clubs met in the season opener when the Ravens cranked the Steelers. The Ravens have been inconsistent and Joe Flacco has not performed well at all meanwhile the Steelers are looking like potentially the top team in the AFC. I think the Steelers are gonna get their revenge in style but outphysicalizing (no, not a word at all) Baltimore.
Steelers 25 Ravens 20

Monday, Nov. 7
Chicago Bears at Philadelphia Eagles (ESPN, 8:30)
The Eagles showed on Sunday evening what they are capable, explosive plays on offense and shut down coverage by their secondary. Andy Reid is a tremendous coach following the bye and in the weeks thereafter. The Bears have one weapon and one only in Matt Forte and the Eagles will shut him down while the Bears defense will have a hard go at it with Michael Vick.
Eagles 34 Bears 17

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