29 November 2011

2011 NFL Week 13 Picks

Giants fans, remember when you guys defeated the Packers to advance to Super Bowl XLII, which you would eventually won? Packers fans, remember when you guys knocked the Giants out of the playoffs last year, setting the stage for your run to victory in Super Bowl XLV? Well it's the game of the week as these two clubs, one fighting for playoff position, the other possibly going for an undefeated season, will duke it out in the Meadowlands on Sunday. Who will win?
It's time for my week 13 picks.
Last Week: 12-4
2011: 110-65

Thursday, Dec. 1
Philadelphia Eagles at Seattle Seahawks (NFL Network, 8:30)
What is going on with this Eagles team? Now they have fallen so far they are pretty much done in the playoff race. I don't get it. And it does not appear that Vick will play again this week. I'm feeling an upset for the Seahawks.
Seahawks 14 Eagles 13

Sunday, Dec. 4
Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Fox, 1:00)
I know I'm beating a dead horse here but this Buccaneers team has really disappointed this year and I was one that thought they would be good. But Josh Freeman has struggled all year and the team has not come together at all. Meanwhile if the Panthers had a defense, they'd be a solid team with how Cam Newton has performed this year. I think he'll lead Carolina to victory.
Panthers 31 Buccaneers 24

Denver Broncos at Minnesota Vikings (Fox, 1:00)
Tim Tebow is such a biblical figure that he can change his games from CBS to Fox (well of course that's not the reason this game on Fox but regardless). Well pretty much making religion jokes with Tim Tebow is just so hilarious I had to do it since everyone else is. Regardless he wins and I don't see the woebegone Vikings putting an end to this charade this week.
Broncos 19 Vikings 10

Atlanta Falcons at Houston Texans (Fox, 1:00)
I mean the Texans are down to T.J. Yates or Kellen Clemens. Well you are not going to have many great options left when your top two quarterbacks, Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart, are out for the year and so you can't blame the Texans here for not having a strong option as their third string. So for now, I can't see either the inexperienced Yates or the awful Clemens to beat the Falcons, who have been playing better of late.
Falcons 23 Texans 13

Tennessee Titans at Buffalo Bills (CBS, 1:00)
The Bills put together a nice effort last week but it was for naught as they came up short and it's clear that the injuries this team has sustained this year is coming back to hurt them, most notable Fred Jackson. The Titans know they have an opening with the Texans losing QB's left and right and I think Chris Johnson will have another strong game in Orchard Park.
Titans 20 Bills 12

Kansas City Chiefs at Chicago Bears (CBS, 1:00)
The battle of the backup replacements QB's here in the Windy City between Tyler Palko and Caleb Hanie. Hanie was serviceable last week while Palko has been miserable and an interception machine. The Bears from top to bottom are a better club and they'll roll.
Bears 20 Chiefs 6

Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots (CBS, 1:00)
This is almost too easy. I mean this is a matchup of Tom Brady and Curtis Painter. This Colts team has just been a fiasco across the board on both sides of the field and there's no hope in sight for this team. The Patriots, surprisingly, are my Lock of the Week.
Patriots 42 Colts 13

New York Jets at Washington Redskins (CBS, 1:00)
Let's be honest, the Jets have not been playing that well of late. Yes they did just beat the Bills and kept their playoff hopes alive but the way they are playing they are not making the playoffs. But fortunately for them, the Redskins are pretty much a mess. Yes they did just beat the Seahawks but you could argue that the Redskins are a better team than them. They are not better than the Jets.
Jets 17 Redskins 9

Oakland Raiders at Miami Dolphins (CBS, 1:00)
Somehow, someway, the Dolphins are playing pretty well. They've won three out of their last four and were close to winning on Thanksgiving over the Cowboys. But I think their luck is going to run out against the Raiders, who have also been playing well despite being without Darren McFadden thanks to Carson Palmer.
Raiders 21 Dolphins 16

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers (CBS, 1:00)
I'm a believer in this Bengals team and I think they are a playoff team. But I don't think they are at the level that the leaders in the AFC North, like Pittsburgh, are at just yet and that's due to Andy Dalton's inexperience. I think they'll play the Steelers close but Ben Roethlisberger will lead them to a victory late.
Steelers 28 Bengals 27

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns (CBS, 4:05)
This Ravens team could be the best team in the AFC. I know they lost to Tennessee and Jacksonville but in a relatively weak conference, I think they're a top club. The Browns have been atrocious on offense as the running game hasn't been there and it hasn't been helped by Colt McCoy throwing everything short. Ravens will roll.
Ravens 30 Browns 12

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers (Fox, 4:15)
This Rams team has just been pitiful this year on offense, surprising when you factor in Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson. This 49ers defense is just too good for this Rams offense right now and it will show on Sunday.
49ers 18 Rams 0

Dallas Cowboys at Arizona Cardinals (Fox, 4:15)
It does not matter who plays quarterback for the Cardinals, it just only differs on who sucks more. The Cowboys have been playing as complete of a football game that they have been in a while with strong offense with threats in both the passing (getting Miles Austin back) and rushing games as well as on defense. You know who I'm thinking here.
Cowboys 33 Cardinals 15

Green Bay Packers at New York Giants (Fox, 4:15)
I know the Giants have had success before against undefeated teams (see Super Bowl XLII, 1998 Denver Broncos) and they can control the clock and keep the ball out of Aaron Rodgers' hands. But after watching the Monday night game in New Orleans (fortunately I watched American Pickers and Pawn Stars for the most part) in which their defense was thoroughly picked apart by Drew Brees and co, I can't see them getting that one stop.
Packers 38 Giants 35

Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints (NBC, 8:20)
The Lions offense is capable of keeping up with the prolific Saints offense because Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson have been that good on the year. But without Ndamukong Suh, the best player on their defense, they will struggle to stop them. Expect a lot of points but the Lions won't be able to get a stop for a win.
Saints 45 Lions 41

Monday, Dec. 5
San Diego Chargers at Jacksonville Jaguars (ESPN, 8:30)
Well the Jaguars just got their coach fired but that won't matter so much on Monday night because the Chargers don't have a coach. The difference is that Luke McCown will be starting for Jacksonville and he's just terrible so I think the Chargers will find a way to win comfortably.
Chargers 20 Jaguars 7

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