22 November 2011

2011 NFL Week 12 Picks

Few things go together better than Thankgiving and football. And that is precisely what we've got in week 12 of the 2011 NFL season with the Thanksgiving Classic kicking off the week. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and with that, here are my predictions for the week.
Last Week: 8-6
2011: 98-61

Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (Fox, 12:30)
Don't expect any defense in this one, this will be a good ol' fashioned shootout between the best quarterback in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers and one of the rising stars in Matthew Stafford. The Packers showed they were vulnerable ever so slightly last week versus Tampa Bay while their defense has given up a chunk of yards. The Lions always play the Packers tough on Thanksgiving and I think they'll pull off the upset.
Lions 52 Packers 45

Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys (CBS, 4:15)
Let me tell you something about this Dolphins club, they've been playing extremely well of late and have been crushing their opponents. But that won't happen again. This Cowboys has been great of late and look like a complete club. Miami will give it all they've got but it won't be enough.
Cowboys 27 Dolphins 17

San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens (NFL Network, 8:30)
No brotherly love here as this will be a hard fought, physical contest between two clubs that love to hit and run the football. There is no doubt that this 49ers team is for real but I just think that this Ravens team will come out with something to prove yet again and just edge their opponents.
Ravens 14 49ers 10

Sunday, Nov. 27
Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals (CBS, 1:00)
The Bengals have been competitive the last couple of weeks with the Steelers and the Ravens respectively but have fallen short both times. Fortunately for them the increasingly punchless offense of the Browns makes this a much needed bounce-back game for Cincinnati.
Bengals 13 Browns 3

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars (CBS, 1:00)
Without question is Maurice Jones-Drew one of the best backs in football but he's simply surrounded by nothing offensively. The fact that Jacksonville can't score bodes well for a very good Texans defense as well as on Matt Leinart, who won't be forced to throw the ball very much.
Texans 24 Jaguars 10

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets (CBS, 1:00)
This is clearly not the same Jets team that we saw the last couple of years. The running game is not dominant and Mark Sanchez is playing like he did when he was a rookie. But fortunately for them, Buffalo has been god awful of late so this is a great opportunity at home to get back on track.
Jets 19 Bills 9

Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams (Fox, 1:00)
I hate picking these NFC West matchups that don't involve San Francisco because these teams are so bad. I still don't get how the Cardinals beat the Eagles a couple weeks back but their quarterback play is just...ugh. I think Steven Jackson will do his thing and the Rams will somehow score more points. You'll enjoy this score.
Rams 5 Cardinals 3

Carolina Panthers at Indianapolis Colts (Fox, 1:00)
I have given up all hope as of right now of the Colts winning a game, or at least this week. Their offense is pitiful and their defense has been pretty bad as well. The Panthers seem to be close to getting victories and expect huge numbers from Cam Newton.
Panthers 31 Colts 16

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Tennessee Titans (Fox, 1:00)
Matt Hasselbeck suffered an injury to his right elbow and whether or not he will go on Sunday is questionable right now. Whether or not he or Jake Locker, who was impressive against Alanta, starts I don't think will matter because after an impressive offensive performance last week as they took the Packers to the limit, I think Tampa will break through.
Buccaneers 27 Titans 21

Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons (Fox, 1:00)
Adrian Peterson's injury is a killer for Minnesota. Now while he could end up playing on Sunday, it won't be too likely because he will be in a walking boot all week. The Vikings will have to rely on Christian Ponder big time on Sunday and while he could be really good, don't bet on it. The Falcons have gotten some strong performances from Matt Ryan of late and I think he'll have another one.
Falcons 28 Vikings 18

Washington Redskins at Seattle Seahawks (Fox, 4:05)
Yeah so this Rex Grossman thing for the Redskins has turned out to be a failure after all. And Mike Shanahan and backs coach Bobby Turner have not been able to turn scrubs into threats at running back. This offense is just a mess and now they have to go into a tough place to play and a solid defense. Good grief says Danny Snyder.
Seahawks 10 Redskins 7

Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders (Fox, 4:05)
The Bears will be without Jay Cutler this Sunday due to injuries sustained in last week's victory against the Chargers. Now Caleb Hanie is a capable replacement as he showed in the NFC Championship Game but I think that the Bears offense is gonna struggle now without Cutler's big arm. I think that Carson Palmer will continue his strong play yet again.
Raiders 20 Bears 17

Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers (CBS, 4:15)
So this Tebow guy...yeah about that. He just seems to win even when you don't think he can. How he makes plays is beyond me. Why pick against him now if he's got somebody on his side upstairs...and I'm not referring to these guys. San Diego is just so inconsistent so give me Tebow and crew. I guess.
Broncos 26 Chargers 24

New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles (CBS, 4:15)
Let me start off with this, DeSean Jackson is a pussy, a tool and an asshole. Anyways back from my colorful blog-work, Vince Young was not impressive at all on Sunday and yet he led an 84 yard drive late and beat the Giants. I don't see that happening against Tom Brady, who won't find much trouble throwing against the Eagles secondary and will force Young to have to carry the team, something he isn't very good at.
Patriots 35 Eagles 25

Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs (NBC, 8:30)
Bottom line is that Tyler Palko is gonna get murdered by the Steelers pass defense. The pass rush will get at him early, leaving the secondary with many opportunities for interceptions. Look for a big performance from Rashard Mendenhall on the ground as Pittsburgh is my Lock of the Week.
Steelers 27 Chiefs 6

Monday, Nov. 28
New York Giants at New Orleans Saints (ESPN, 8:30)
And we saw what we love in the New York Giants last Sunday, inconsistency. This team can either beat anybody or lose to anybody. And unfortunately for them they take on this Saints club, who can capitalize on Eli Manning's mistakes faster than Jeff Parles can make a terrible pun.
Saints 38 Giants 28


  1. I agree with you for the most part, but I somehow think Romo will throw the game again against the Dolphins.

  2. cowbitchs suck more like tony turnover dallas 3 Miami 51