15 November 2011

2011 NFL Week 11 Picks

As we start to approach winter, the races to the playoffs are starting to heat up in both conferences, making every game crucial to the clubs aiming to have a shot at a Super Bowl trophy. Here are my week 11 picks.
Last Week: 12-4
2011: 90-55

Nov. 17
New York Jets at Denver Broncos (NFL Network, 8:30)
Let's be honest, the Jets are much better than the Broncos are. But this won't be an easy victory for New York because they have a short week to travel out west and to plan for an offense they have not seen in Denver's Veer/option attack (where' Bill Yeomen when you need him). The Jets have not been great on the year stopping the run but regardless, they won't lose.
Jets 15 Broncos 10

Nov. 20
Jacksonville Jaguars at Cleveland Browns (CBS, 1:00)
There may be no offense at all in this game as both offenses on the year have not been proficient in the slightest while both defenses are very good. The Browns, however, have not been that great in stuffing the run this year so that means Maurice Jones-Drew could run wild.
Jaguars 6 Browns 3

Oakland Raiders at Minnesota Vikings (CBS, 1:00)
The Raiders are in sole possession of first place in the AFC Worst West despite the fact that Darren McFadden has been out the last couple of weeks and may not play on Sunday again. We all know that the Vikings are pretty bad but I think they could find some success against the terrible Raiders defense and win the game. I think Christian Ponder will play well and Adrian Peterson will be dominant, as usual.
Vikings 21 Raiders 17

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (CBS, 1:00)
The Dolphins have been rolling the last couple of weeks (Suck for Luck? HA) while the Bills have been really mediocre in the same period. But I think that the opposite will happen this Sunday. Ryan Fitzpatrick will get back on track as will Fred Jackson while Matt Moore will still be...Matt Moore.
Bills 17 Dolphins 8

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (CBS, 1:00)
What is up with this Ravens team? They beat good teams and they lose to crappy ones. Don't make no sense (double negatives are your friend). Meanwhile the Bengals last Sunday showed that they could hang with a team like Pittsburgh and take the punches, although they did lose. Baltimore is just so inconsistent that I think Andy Dalton and A.J. Green will take advantage of.
Bengals 20 Ravens 18

Carolina Panthers at Detroit Lions (Fox, 1:00)
You know Cam Newton has been very exciting all year and is all but guaranteed to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, but this team flat out does not win. The Lions are looking for a bounceback victory big-time and Matt Stafford should have no problems torching this terrible Panthers defense.
Lions 35 Panthers 21

Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins (Fox, 1:00)
These teams have been heading in completely opposite directions. The Redskins have been tanking as their quarterback play, predictably, has been awful and their offense has been falling apart. The Cowboys are hitting on all cylinders on both sides of the ball. Granted this game will probably be closer than one would think but Dallas is just so much better right now.
Cowboys 29 Redskins 11

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers (Fox, 1:00)
You know I kinda like this Buccaneers team. I'm a fan of Josh Freeman and I believe that the team is better than the way they've played this year. But how the Packers' offense has been playing this year, I don't see them slowing down this week. Call me a homer or whatever.
Packers 45 Buccaneers 23

Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams (Fox, 4:05)
This is a game I would advise that nobody watch cause it won't be pretty. The Rams offense has been pitiful all year and they won't produce much against an underrated Seahawks defense. And I think Seattle will generate enough offense for the victory.
Seahawks 6 Rams 5

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers (Fox, 4:05)
Gotta give some props to the Cardinals and John Skelton, who pulled off a nice upset victory last week against the floundering Eagles. But that won't happen against this 49ers team that has had great defense, strong running from Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter and steady QB play from Alex Smith.
49ers 17 Cardinals 6

Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons (CBS, 4:15)
People are pointing to the Falcons as such a heavy favorite but I'm not sure about that, this Titans club is solid. Regardless I still like Atlanta. I think Matt Ryan will play very well and the defense will make just one stop on Matt Hasselbeck and crew and that'll be the difference.
Falcons 28 Titans 24

San Diego Chargers at Chicago Bears (CBS, 4:15)
I have been really impressed with how this Bears team has played of late. Their defense has been tremendous, Matt Forte has been such a boss and Jay Cutler has been very proficient. They are playing complete football right now and they are positioning themselves as one of the top threats to Green Bay in the NFC. The maddeningly inconsistent Chargers will be just that again.
Bears 30 Chargers 20

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants (NBC, 8:30)
The Eagles have just been an inconsistent mess and now their playoff chances are all but done. Yes the Giants are coming off a loss but they are now in clear control of the division with Dallas. Michael Vick has been battered and beaten up (surprise, surprise) and will not be 100%. Advantage: New York.
Giants 28 Eagles 21

Nov. 21
Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots (ESPN, 8:30)
It sounds like Tyler Palko will be starting at quarterback for the Chiefs as Matt Cassel may be out for the year. Now I know Cassel is mediocre but this is Tyler Palko we're talking about. Not even Brodie Croyle. The Patriots' improving pass rush should be having some fun on MNF. The Patriots are my Lock of the Week.
Patriots 31 Chiefs 3

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