20 November 2011

2011-12 College Football Bowl Predictions after Week 12

And just like that, chaos. After an extremely thrilling week with three teams with championship dreams, Oklahoma State, Oregon and Oklahoma, falling to Iowa State, USC and Baylor respectively, throwing the BCS for a loop and making the race to the BCS National Championship Game even more wild and complex. How do I think the bowl picture looks now? Let's have at it folks. 
BCS Standings
Teams in bold have accepted bids from said bowl

Air Force vs. FIU

Nevada vs. Ohio

Louisiana Lafayette vs. Toledo

Syracuse vs. East Carolina

Louisiana Tech vs. Boise State

Washington vs. TCU

Utah State vs. San Diego State

NC State vs. Wyoming

Northwestern vs. Northern Illinois

North Carolina vs. West Virginia

Iowa State vs. Wake Forest

Texas A&M vs. Utah
Notre Dame vs. Florida State

Kansas State vs. Arizona State
SMU vs. BYU 

Missouri vs. Rutgers 

Tennessee vs. Virginia

Penn State vs. Texas

Ohio State vs. Baylor

Georgia Tech vs. UCLA

Vanderbilt vs. Southern Miss

Purdue vs. California

Auburn vs. Clemson

Tulsa vs. Illinois

Arkansas vs. Wisconsin

Florida vs. Iowa

Georgia vs. Nebraska

South Carolina vs. Oklahoma

Cincinnati vs. Mississippi State

Arkansas State vs.  Temple

Oregon vs. Michigan State

Michigan vs. Houston

Oklahoma State vs. Stanford

Virginia Tech vs. Louisville

Alabama vs. LSU

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