13 November 2011

2011-12 College Football Bowl Predictions after Week 11

We saw another big upset last week with 5th ranked Boise State falling at home to TCU, all but dashing their BCS hopes (there is still hope). Also shaking things up slightly was Stanford falling at home to Oregon. So with some shifting going on at the top of the ranks, here are my bowl predictions for this week.
BCS standings

LSU vs. Oklahoma State

Oregon vs. Michigan State

Alabama vs. Houston

Oklahoma vs. Stanford

Clemson vs. West Virginia

Wyoming vs. Ball State

Louisiana Tech vs. Ohio

Louisiana-Lafayette vs. Eastern Michigan

Pittsburgh vs. UCF

Nevada vs. Boise State

California vs. TCU

Hawaii vs. Marshall

Virginia vs. San Diego State

Illinois vs. Northern Illinois

North Carolina vs. Cincinnati

Wake Forest vs. Navy

Texas A&M vs. UCLA

Notre Dame vs. Florida State

Texas vs. Arizona State 


Missouri vs. Rutgers

Miami vs. Vanderbilt

Baylor vs. Penn State

Texas Tech vs. Ohio State

Georgia Tech vs. Washington

Southern Miss vs. Mississippi State

Utah vs. Northwestern

Virginia Tech vs. South Carolina

Iowa vs. Tulsa

Arkansas vs. Wisconsin

Nebraska vs. Florida

Michigan vs. Georgia

 Kansas State vs. Auburn

Louisville vs. FIU

Arkansas State vs.  Temple

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