10 October 2011

TCU Accepts Invitation to the Big 12

Gary Patterson and the Horned Frogs of Texas Christian University are heading to the Big 12 starting next year. The Big 12 conference offered TCU a spot in the conference about a week ago, and surprisingly TCU accepted the offer. It's a move that makes total sense for both schools, while hurting another conference that TCU was slated to join next year, the Big East.
With continuing rumors that Missouri is pondering a move to the SEC, the Big 12 needed more stability by adding a quality member to help get back to 12. Thanks to the effort of Patterson in turning this club in a contender on the national level, TCU is a good get. They fall in the heart of the conference footprint and they should have no problem being able to compete near the top of the conference. Now the conference will look to add the 12th member so they can bring back the conference championship game. I think the top contenders to become the 12 member are BYU and Houston.
But as I mentioned, TCU was supposed to be joining the Big East next summer. Now not only is the Big East losing both Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the ACC but the school that was going to help the conference get some more respect in football is spurning them before they even join. Now the Big East is even more in dangerous waters. They will probably add Air Force and they have a solid football program. But they need reinforcements and fast.

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