17 October 2011

The Raiders Have to Pursue Carson Palmer UPDATE

In Sunday's victory over the Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders starting quarterback Jason Campbell (pictured above) broke his collarbone and is lost for the rest of the season. As of right now Kyle Boller is the starter and Terrelle Pryor is the backup. That may be passable for a team going nowhere but not for a club that is a playoff contender, as the Raiders are right now, as Boller is a proven mediocre starter and Pryor has absolutely zero experience.

And thus, the Raiders have to go after Carson Palmer.

UPDATE: It appears that the Raiders have indeed acquired Palmer. Details here.

Now the easier one to acquire is Garrard, who is currently a free agent after getting cut right before the season by the Jacksonville Jaguars. For some reason Garrard has not found a taker for his services which is rather peculiar because even though his struggles at the end of games, he's still a passable quarterback and he put up good numbers last year. Plus he has a very strong arm and would make a good fit in the vertical offense of Oakland. Actually Garrard needs immediate surgery on his back so just forget I wrote that.

A Palmer acquisition is far more complicated. Palmer says he is retired as of right now if the Bengals do not trade him. Now most owners would have traded him by now and gotten something back in return. But this is Mike Brown we're talking about and his stubbornness is very well known in league circles. And if Brown does decide that he wants to trade Palmer, it's likely his asking price will be absurdly high. The Raiders do not have much in terms of draft picks in the future to potentially deal because they don't have a two, a three, or a four in next year's draft. So I don't think the Raiders will end up trading for Palmer unless Brown doesn't ask for much in return. And also Brown may not want to deal Palmer to a playoff contender since his club is one as of right now too.

Granted with the news of Garrard's back surgery necessity, the Raiders really need to acquire Palmer to have a chance at the playoffs unless Boller or Pryor proves to be the answer.

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