07 October 2011

Looking Back at 'The Grand Parl'

Jealous of the success of this here blog and the riches that it has brought me (actually none...yet), avid sports fan and mascot enthusiast Jeffrey Conaway Parles decided to start his own blog. It is known in infamy as The Grand Parl and this is the demoralizing true story of that blog.
Similar to how this blog started (first post here), the first post of The Grand Parl' was baseball predictions for this season. And this is precisely where the awfulness began. It was proof that Mr. Parles was an atrocious writer and this shortcoming became ever so clear. One of the sentences that he wrote was "In one of the world series of all time..." He really wrote that. He also not only made the word superstar two words (grammatically incorrect), he wrote it as "Super Star." The fifteen people that read this post realized that this blog was an abject failure.
And so it went on for the next month. TGP churned a few more poorly written and underwhelmingly (may or may not be a word) constructed posts in the next month and he had a hearty 70 page views. Which, to put into perspective, is what I get in like in a couple of hours. The Grand Parl utterly wilted while my blog started to florish. In fact, this is essentially what B-FLO 360 did to The Grand Parl.

So soon thereafter, Parles became disinterested in keeping up his turd of a blog and then shut it down. His likeness was not seen on the blogosphere until he wrote a piece for something called Playbook Notes.
Was The Grand Parl a success? Everyone considers it an epic failure...except this guy. However, I considered Ishtar to be a success, so take that as you will.

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