31 October 2011

Could Houston Receive a BCS Bid?

We could have another club in position to break into the BCS at the end of the season besides the Broncos from Boise State and this club is Houston. The Cougars, led by the historically prolific Case Keenum in coach Kevin Sumlin's wide open offense, are sitting at 8-0 and 13th in the BCS standings and if they win out they will be in the top 12 and in position for an at-large bid. But would they get one?
No matter how exciting of an offense the Cougars play and no matter how many wins they get this season, there are multiple reasons why it would be unlikely that they get a BCS berth. Even though they do play an exciting style of football and are a big school of almost 40,000 students, they struggle to fill out Robertson Stadium, which only has a 32,000 capacity. Also while Conference USA has some exciting football as you see no defense and a lot of wide open offense, its not by any stretch a great conference. And look who Houston has played this year thus far, only one club from a BCS conference and that would be the wayward Bruins of UCLA, who they only beat by four. Plus do you think that the BCS games will want to take a second midmajor team in lieu of say another Big Ten club? Now if Boise happens to lose then I think that Houston could receiver a BCS bid but I just don't see it happening otherwise.

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