07 September 2011

Why Moving the Astors to the American League is a Bad Idea

Ever since Bud Selig has been commissioner, he has tried to create more excitement down the stretch but in turn has caused boring pennant races like the one this year which is pretty awful. His new scheme is asking the Houston Astros to move to the American League, which will even out the leagues and create six divisions of five teams. Here is why I'm opposed to this proposal.
I have always liked the uneven leagues. Sure it gives the clubs in the American League West an advantage and the clubs in the National League Central a disadvantage but tough. I thought it was a quirk about baseball that should stick as it brings it back to when the AL and NL were competing leagues back in the day.
Another reason why I dislike this proposal is having the odd number of teams will result that there will always be an interleague series, which is something I vehemently oppose. Interleague play was cool when it was instituted for the first time and there are times when it still is cool like when the Cubs played at Fenway Park earlier this year. But do we really need a series of the Nationals playing the White Sox or the Pirates playing the Athletics, for example? Is that really exciting? Plus interleague play has resulted in the All-Star Game having less importance for fans. Interest used to be extremely high for the Midsummer Classic because it would be the only time the stars of both leagues would play each other. Now since that is not the case anymore, the All-Star Game has lost significance (and don't get me started on the whole homefield advantage nonsense).
But it seems like the leagues will be evened out eventually, it's gonna happen.

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