06 September 2011

What is Next for the Jaguars & for David Garrard?

The Jacksonville Jaguars stunned many today with the release of quarterback David Garrard. If this decision was made a few weeks ago then it would not have surprised a lot of folks but considering it comes mere days before the team's season opener against the Tennessee Titans, leaving Luke McCown as the starting quarterback. Here's what I think it next for the team and their former quarterback.
This decision by the Jaguars' brass reminds many of when they cut starter Byron Leftwich right before the team's season opener in 2007. But there is a clear difference between then and now. Then the team at least had a solid option to go to in Garrard, and he proved to be really solid that year. Now the team has McCown, who has shown time and time again that he is awful. He has inconsistent accuracy and when he is off, he is a total mess. Now the team does have first round pick Blaine Gabbert waiting in the wings and it is clear that the future of the team, as well of coach Jack Del Rio and general manager Gene Smith, is in his hands after the team traded up to acquire him in the draft but he, as most rookies would, has been inconsistent in preseason play and got passed by the aforementioned McCown. But to be honest, what could you expect from a rookie after losing the whole offseason due to the NFL lockout. Why the team chose to make this move and have McCown be the starter is pretty bizarre. I understand the team saved itself some coin but it also gave up all hope for success in 2011.
Now for Garrard, he gets really screwed because most teams at this point right before the season have their quarterback situations where they want them to be. Teams that could go after him include Seattle (who can't be serious with Tarvaris Jackson), San Francisco (who can't be serious with Alex Smith) or Oakland (because the team really does not have any confidence in Jason Campbell) but I think a team that might go after him could be the division rival Indianapolis Colts not just for a competitive edge but to give the team another insurance option with Peyton Manning still not ready to play.
I'll say this about Garrard, I have never been a fan of his as I think he is way too inconsistent and really struggles in pressure scenarios but I do not think he is a bad quarterback. His numbers last year were not bad but now he has to regroup and find a new home. Pretty bizarre scenario I must say.

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