04 September 2011

Should Jim Tressel Be Suspended By The NFL? UPDATE

The Indianapolis Colts made news this week with the announced that embattled former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel would join the organization as a game-day consultant assisting the clueless Jim Caldwell in deciding whether to throw the red challenge flag. This sparked controversy after Tressel was forced out in Columbus due to lying to and misleading the NCAA about players on the team being involved in a memorabilia for tattoos scheme. The very same scandal forced quarterback Terrelle Pryor to leave school and head to the NFL, where he was selected by the Oakland Raiders in the supplemental draft. Pryor will be suspended for the first five games of the NFL season. However, Tressel will not receive punishment, but should he have?
UPDATE: The Colts have decided to suspend the employment of Tressel for the first six weeks of the season.
I have two thoughts on this issue. First off, I do not believe that Pryor should have been suspended by the NFL. The league is opening a can of worms that should not be opened for suspending a player for something he did while he was not in the league but was rather in college football. I really do not think the NFL should have the jurisdiction to punish players for that reason. And thus by that reasoning I do not believe that Tressel should have been suspended. For example, the NBA did not suspend Kelvin Sampson after he jumped to work with the Spurs as a consultant and then with the Bucks in 2008 as an assistant after he was forced out at Indiana due to recruiting violations.
But I feel that Tressel should not be suspended if Pryor was not suspended. Since Pryor was suspended by the league, then it's ridiculous to not suspend Tressel as well as he was the one that fostered the environment for almost a decade that cause players like Pryor to become involved in such illegal activity. Tressel committed more serious violations of the NCAA's rulebook than Pryor did and gets to avoid suspension while Pryor does not. Since that is the circumstance of what happened regarding Pryor jumping to the NFL, even though I really disagree with it, Tressel should have at least served the equivalent of Pryor's suspension.

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