20 September 2011

Pac-12 Will Not Expand Further...What?

Officials from the Pacific-12 Conference have announced that they will not seek any further expansion past the current 12 institutions already in. This obviously comes as a surprise as everyone thought that the Pac-12 would seize Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech and become the first superconference. That apparently will not be happening and it's extremely questionable why not.
I'm at a loss trying to figure out why Larry Scott, being the innovative man he is who nearly brought the house down last summer by pondering expansion to 16, would choose not to further expand. It makes no sense. You are adding in two powerhouse programs in Texas and Oklahoma, plus a rising power in Oklahoma State, which will easily grow the conference's footprint nationwide and extend the reach of the conference's network, which would grow to be a bigger boon than looks like it will already.
But that's not happening now. Is college football better off without the powerconferences? Absolutely, without question. But if an aggressive man like Scott has this type of expansion on the table and walks away, that makes absolutely no sense at all. Considering the fact that the schools did not vote on this, I'm struggling to figure out what the underlying reason is.

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