21 September 2011

Missouri to the SEC?

The realignment birds have been chirping pretty loudly of late in the world of collegiate football, especially after Texas A&M announced its defection to the SEC and now with Pittsburgh and Syracuse leaving the Big East and heading to the ACC. Now it appears that the newest team to potentially change conferences is that of the University of Missouri because it's been reported that they have an informal agreement to join Texas A&M in the SEC.
UPDATE: Missouri has rejected the SEC offer
Is Missouri a good fit in the Southeastern Conference? No. Geographically it's a terrible fit (but that doesn't matter anymore) and they are not on the same wavelength in terms of football as the powerhouses in the SEC are (Missouri is a good football program no doubt but how well will they compete in the SEC?). They do bring a couple of TV markets into the SEC footprint in St. Louis and Kansas City but that is nowhere near as vital as bringing in the state of Texas was. Also, the addition of Mizzou will lead to probably Auburn having to be switched into the East division, something that the SEC has never been keen on as well as tilt the balance of power towards the East (not only did the SEC divide their teams by geographically but they achieved perfect balance competitively, which will disappear now). In that regard, I would have rather added West Virginia, but nobody wants those Mountaineers apparently.
That said, it's not a bad move at all. Mike Slive is as wise and cunning as they come and a year after it appeared that the Pac-12 would be the first to move towards the superconference with 16 teams, Slives' SEC is now only two teams away from that mark, provided the Missouri deal holds up. Once again, the SEC leads the way in the conference growth (they were the first with a conference championship game, don't forget)

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