19 September 2011

Mariano Rivera is the Greatest Closer Ever & Don't Even Try to Deny It

Today Mariano Rivera set the all-time saves record today as he shut the door on the Minnesota Twins. This was his 602nd save which now sets him apart from all reliever of all time. But he was already the greatest closer anyways, this just made the contrarian argument even more impossible to make.
I don't care about the end of the 2001 World Series, there has never been a postseason stopper quite like Rivera that every time the game was on the line no matter the situation, once you heard Enter Sandman blare on the Yankee Stadium speakers, the game was already over. The guy has a 0.71 ERA in the postseason to go with 0.77 WHIP, that is flat out ridiculous. Those numbers are tops all time for relievers like his 42 postseason saves.
His regular season statistics are filthy as well. His ERA (2.06) and his WHIP (0.97) are tops all time in terms of the regular season and his opponent's batting average, strikeouts, and innings pitched are also near the top of relievers all-time.
And when you are talking about Rivera, how can you forget about his go-to pitch, the cut fastball. No one has thrown a better cutter than Mo and it is easily one of the nastiest pitches of all time, as well as one of the most unhittable. The fact that he has used it almost exclusively over the years and hitters still cannot get a handle on it speaks to its awesomeness.
Not even the biggest Yankee hater can deny the greatness of Mariano Rivera and that he is the best reliever of all time. We can only wonder if we will ever see one as lights-out.

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