19 September 2011

The Chiefs Are Clearly The Worst Team In Football

Todd Haley and the Kansas City Chiefs has suffered from destructions to start the 2011 NFL season at the hands of the Buffalo Bills last week and of the Detroit Lions yesterday. In just two games, they have been outscored 89-10. Not only that but the team has lost some of their best players to injury; tight end Tony Moeaki in the preseason, safety Eric Berry in the opener, and star running back Jamaal Charles on Sunday. The team across the board is a mess and it's clear that no team is in worse shape.
This is a pretty awful start for any team but especially one that won a division last year. Now say what you want about the Chiefs, that they took advantage of a weak schedule and were lucky injury wise, but they still won the AFC West last year. But this team has gone from first to worst.
Should we really be surprised? The Chiefs were completely abysmal in the preseason and looked utterly lost. They ended last season poorly, getting crushed by the Raiders in their regular season finale and by the Ravens in the playoffs. Todd Haley again brought in a new offensive coordinator, which was in title only because Haley is calling the plays, after once again failing to get along with Charlie Weis just like he had with Chan Gailey the year before. And Weis did a really good job last year, focusing on the ground attack while making Matt Cassel actually look competent. Now Cassel is coming off two mediocre performances, the running game has been completely missing plus Charles is out for the year, and the line has gotten killed. Also factor in the team's secondary has been terrible, which was supposed to be on of their strengths and they have gotten no pressure at all on the quarterback. And now they are going to San Diego this week to take on a Chargers club that saw their division title streak end last year by said Chiefs. And the
This year just may be the final straw for Haley. His offenses, with the exception of last year's Weis-led unit, have been subpar and the team as a whole has not performed to expectations. Now with the bottom seemingly falling out this year in KC, he looks to be done.

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