23 September 2011

Brett Favre Working as an Analyst?

I certainly did not see this coming. For the October 1st showdown between Rice and Southern Miss on CSS (a regional sports network in the Southland), Golden Eagles legend Brett Favre will make his broadcasting debut as a color commentator (He also played for the Falcons, Jets, Vikings and most notably the Green Bay Packers).
As far as I know, Favre has never worked as an analyst before so this will certainly be interesting. He's always had that fun-loving, good ol' Southern boy attitude so he will no doubt be entertaining but I don't think he will be the smoothest analyst in the business but it is his debut. Maybe if he does well, you could see him working at ESPN or one of the networks down the road. Or this could be just a one time thing with his alma mater. Either way, a lot more people got interested in this Conference USA game. And I for one am extremely intrigued by one of my all time favorite players in all of sports (I am a Packers fan) does in the booth.

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