08 August 2011

Why is Chris Myers Calling NFL Games on Fox?

Now this is not going to be a rant on Chris Myers as a person (although those Katrina comments were disgusting). Myers built a solid reputation at ESPN in the 90's as a quality reporter and as a good interviewer on Up Close. And he does good work when he's a sideline reporter for the NFL on Fox. Granted he's a clown on NASCAR on Fox but when he drops the outsider act can do some good work. But for some reason, Fox is putting him as a play-by-play announcer full-time on Fox NFL Sunday, where he will work a game every week with Tim Ryan on the five crew. Facepalm.
Myers has done a few NFL games as a play-by-play over the last couple of seasons and it's safe to say he's been a disaster. He shows almost no emotion as well as a complete lack of understanding of what it takes to be a competent broadcaster. Rather than me continuing my anger, I will let his work speak for itself. Here are some clips of the ineptitude of Christopher Patrick Myers in the booth.

Here's a great one, if only the NFL would allow video embedding. Hell, baseball allows some now.

And you wonder why people mock Fox incessantly? And I like Tim Ryan a lot but he really got screwed as he goes from working with Sam Rosen to this guy. Just don't get it.


  1. myers has covered the nfl for years and he has done play by play with ron jaworski, john lynch, and brian billick to name a few.. as a fan i know he knows whats going on and sounds like he is having fun doing it. good for fox and tim ryan !!

  2. Years later....the questions is still being asked.....listening to a call on the Miami vs Atlanta game and what a tool! Both him and his partner... Chris Myers and Tim Ryan......what a complete crap of a call....talk about one sides calling....sickening...

    Both Chris Myers and Tim Ryan .....lets try and call the game fairly!!!!