31 August 2011

Why Hope Solo Is The Next Face of Women's Soccer

Women's soccer in the United States has been lacking that signature star to market the sport with since Mia Hamm retired in 2004. Let's be fair, how many female soccer players can you name, with the exception of Hamm and possibly Brandi Chastain, both of whom have been retired for years now. But after the team's run to the 2011 World Cup Finals where they lost to Japan in an epic final, there is a new face of women's soccer in this country and her name is Hope Solo.
Everybody knows who Solo is now. She was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, she was at the Entourage final season premiere with Alex Morgan, she was on Letterman with Abby Wambach, and she will be on the new season on Dancing With the Stars. She's been on all the major sports shows on television and radio. Her profile has been rising sharply since the World Cup and a hell of a lot more than the rest of the national team. Now she has been passed the mantle as the face of the sport.
As her profile has been rising and people have gotten to know who she is, it's been extremely beneficial to the USWNT. Sports in this country need stars to market to generate interest. These stars start to resonate with the America audience, who in turn will be more interested in watching these athletes practice their craft. That's why women's soccer got big (for their standards) because of Mia Hamm. Everybody knew who she was and  as the face of the sport, the attention levels increased for matches in which she was involved. Now it's coming true with Solo and women's soccer will only benefit.
Plus, let's face it, Solo is extremely attractive and sex sells in this country.

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