10 August 2011

Who Should Play the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show?

You can't really describe the halftime show at Super Bowl XLV. Words cannot describe the historically and biblically bad performance by the Black Eyed Peas. My ears are still suffering from all the trauma.
And on that note, the NFL/NBC Sports really needs to rebound from and find somebody with some, you know, talent to perform at the halftime show during Super Bowl XLVI. Here are some suggestions of mine.

John Mellancamp
Now while Mellancamp probably would not resonate with the young folk even like some of the old school rockers (you know, those with talent) do, but Mellancamp is adored in Middle America and he is from Indiana. But would NBC go for somebody that may struggle to bring in viewers outside those that would be watching the game (middle-aged men)? Ten again Fox tried that and failed miserably last year.

Again another old-school act but pretty much everyone knows the Eagles. How has not heard Hotel California? Supposedly they have been approached in the past to do it but rejected to do the gig. If they did agree to do it, which Bruce Springsteen finally relented to do and kicked ass, it would be a great show.

Dave Matthews Band
This is an ideal choice through and through. He resonates with the young demographics, he is a star right now, he's awesome, and he has a reputation for being awesome live. NBC did book them for the 2010 Kickoff Special so it would be natural for them to book them for the Super Bowl.

Van Halen
A little bit younger than the classic rock staples at the top of this list but Van Halen came out with a bunch of hits in the late 70's and the 80's. Plus Eddie Van Halen is just a champion. And now with David Lee Roth back with the band, they are one once again.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Another popular and recent band, the Chili Peppers have a big following and are another band that has a reputation for kicking ass live. One of the best bands of the last couple of decades, the Chili Peppers would certainly put on a hell of a show.

One of the definitive arena rock bands, Journey cranked a bunch of popular songs in the late 70's and 80's, including the song that EVERYBODY knows the words to, Don't Stop Believin'. But I feel a stipulation of a Journey performance would be that Steve Perry would have to reunite with the band.

Taylor Swift
A little bit of a curveball for you but Swift is huge nowadays. And she actually has some talent too, even though she does write the same song over and over again (tell me how Love Story is different than Today Was a Fairytale?). One of the biggest stars in both country and pop music, especially with young girls who think she's the next Elvis, Swift would command a huge audience.

Kiss was huge back in the 70's and has seen a resurgence of popoularity thanks to references to them in movies such as Role Models. They are also very known for crazy and elaborate live performances in concert. Who wouldn't have fun watching Kiss at the Super Bowl?


  1. i think the Dave Matthews Band would be the best choice for this superbowl since they keep complaining about old bands and yet the groups of this decade suck such as the huge disaster of a performance by the Black Eyed Peas last year so why not a band that falls in the middle.

  2. 4 letters. 1 lightning bolt. AC/DC! Open with Thunderstruck. Close with Back in Black. 2-3 other hits in between. I'm sorry, but short of resurrecting somebody, nobody can top that. They aren't exactly "family friendly", but have enough hit songs to make it work.