14 August 2011

What to Make of Dan Uggla's Hitting Streak

Dan Uggla was on such an awful pace only a month and a half ago that he was on track for the worst batting average in the history of the National League when he was hitting at a .173 clip. So of course he will go on a 33 game hitting streak, which he is now at that mark by hitting a single in the first inning yesterday off Cubs' pitcher Randy Wells. So what exactly to make of Uggla's hit streak?
It speaks volumes to how bad Uggla was hitting that his batting average right now is only .229 despite the hitting streak, in which he is hitting at a .376 batting average since the Fourth of July. This is the kind of production the Braves were looking for when they acquired him from the Florida Marlins in the offseason and then signed him to an extension.
Uggla's hitting streak and offensive resurgence has come at a very important time for the Braves as their offense which could have fallen apart thanks to injuries to Brian McCann, Chipper Jones, and Jason Heyward as the team tries to hang on to the lead in the wild card standings in the Senior Circuit. And Uggla's power has not disappeared as he right now has hit 26 long balls, which has him on his career pace as one of the best power bats at second base.
His hot streak really makes one wonder why was he hitting so poorly at the start of the season?

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