03 August 2011

What Does the A-Rod Poker Controversy Mean?

It was reported earlier today that Major League Baseball will be investigating the involvement of Alex Rodriguez in some illegal, underground poker activity. The report always says that one of the poker games in question turned violent with some cocaine use and could leave Rodriguez suspended.
Now the report also says that Rodriguez was not implicated in the violence nor the drug use. What could leave Rodriguez in trouble is that Bud Selig supposedly warned A-Rod to not partake in these games, involving many big-time celebrities like Leo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Tobey McGuire and Ben Affleck, back in 2005. It appears that he chose to participate in such activity regardless and if MLB investigators discover that he did blatantly disregard Selig's warnings, then he will be suspended.
This investigation appears to hurt Rodriguez even more in the court of public opinion, which he has been struggling to gain traction in for years. A-Rod remains one of the most derided and mocked athletes in all of sports whether it has been getting involved with Madonna, kissing himself or being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz. Now if he has the stigma of being involved in gambling, he will be even less popular it appears. Then again if once he comes back from injury he tears it up in the Bronx, who will care?

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