25 August 2011

SMU Wants In On The Big 12 And Why It Could Happen

Well it's seem we are getting closer to Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 as it sent a letter today to the Big 12 saying that it is exploring other conference options, obviously the SEC. Whether or not the Big 12 will fall apart is not quite clear (I think it will eventually) but there have been two candidates for replacing the Big 12 circulated often and they are Houston and BYU and both would be good fits in the conference. But there's a school that has gone public in their desires to join the Big 12 and it is SMU. And it may sound crazy, but it could happen and here is why.
We all know about SMU getting the death penalty in 1987 and how it nuked the program to where it was not competitive for 20 years. But people forget how good of a program the SMU football team was before the death penalty (noting of course the slush fund for recruits and all). The Mustangs featured the legendary "Pony Express" featuring future NFL stars Eric Dickerson and Craig James plus they went 45-5-1 from 1980 to 1984.
Of course, none of that really matters because you have to factor in the recent performance of the school and June Jones has this team soaring back toward the top. Jones is a hell of a coach, he not only got Hawaii to the BCS, absurd in its own right, but has gotten SMU to the C-USA Championship Game in his second and third years with the program. Now expectations are even higher as the team is eyeing a conference championship with the talented Kyle PAdron under center with a solid running game and a veteran defense.
So maybe the Big 12 will not consider SMU but to be honest, what makes Houston more attractive than SMU for the Big 12? Or what would consider BYU to jump back to a conference when it has its own nice deal with ESPN plus its own network? Just saying that considering SMU is not crazy.

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