07 August 2011

Should the Denver Broncos Start Kyle Orton or Tim Tebow?

Perhaps the most intriguing controversy in training camp is going on in Englewood, Colorado between Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow. The most important move of new coach John Fox's tenure thus far is deciding which quarterback will be the starter. Which one should he choose? Here's my take.
The Broncos seem to want to start Tebow because they have been trying to deal Orton this offseason but it seems unlikely now that he will get dealt after a proposed trade to the Dolphins fell apart.
However, Orton's play in training camp has made the decision even tougher as he has clearly been the best quarterback in Broncos camp. Some of the Broncos, most notably wideout Brandon Lloyd who had a breakout season with Orton under center last year, want Orton to be the starter.
But the team quite frankly has no future with Orton as their quarterback. Orton did put up some good numbers last season in McDaniels' spread offense, which threw the ball quite a bit due to being down a lot, but he does not have a good arm, is terrible on third down and in the red zone and gets rattled way too easily by the pass rush. The best you will do with Orton as your quarterback is 9-7 and for a team clearly in a rebuilding stage thanks to McDaniels completely ridding the team of almost all talent on roster when he went to Denver, what's the point.
Tebow has his clear flaws. His throwing mechanics are still pretty poor, he does not make great decisions, and he is a pretty big injury risk because of his running style. But Tebow does have talent, he's a great athlete and he does have a solid arm plus he's got the determination, effort, drive, and moxie that you want out of a quarterback. Now he did not light the world on fire when he did get to play last season but with the team building up from the bottom of the league, it would be wise to see what he can do. Fox prefers a more run-heavy approach than McDaniels and will use inconsistent holdover Knowshon Moreno as well as recent acquisition Willis McGahee quite a bit. If Tebow boons, then the team has a future at the quarterback position. If he fails, then the team could draft Andrew Luck, Matt Barkley or Landry Jones in the draft next year. But it's pointless to start Orton and leave Tebow on the bench without getting a strong read on what he could do. The team is not going anywhere this season so they might as well see if Tebow is the future.

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