30 August 2011

May David Kahn Be Doing Something Right?

It's pretty easy to hate on Timberwolves President David Kahn, the man just seems to f*** up everything. He struggled to fire his incompetent coach and left him lingering for a month. But the man seems on the verge of making a very strong move and I have to give him props. What could he have possibly done to actually get some praise, at least from me? Continue reading and you'll find out.
UPDATE: Looks like David Kahn finally did something right.
Kahn has been very aggressive in trying to lure Rick Adelman, formerly of the Houston Rockets. Now it appears that the two sides are close to a deal and that Adelman will be the next coach of the woebegone club, which will be the first time the team has had a competent coach since, dare I say, Dwayne Casey who had the team at 20-20 in the 2006-07 season and replaced with the awful Randy Wittman. And let's not sell Adelman short, he is one of the best coaches in the league and arguably one of the best ever never to win a title. The team has never had a coach as good and respected as Adelman, and the only other one you would consider would be Flip Saunders.
What has gotten into Kahn? He's actually making a good hire? What? What I would assume is that Kahn saw the writing on the wall that if he messed up another hire like he did with Rambis, he would get the axe. The team has been beyond awful the last two seasons and it was time that the team got somebody that could coach and they hit a home run with Adelman.
Then again if the deal falls apart, Kahn will be back at square one in ineptitude.

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