10 August 2011

Is Rex Grossman Out Of His Mind?

So in the midst of a riveting position battle between two great quarterbacks in Ashburn Park, Virginia, one of the challengers, Rex Grossman, found the need to say something in an interview that resulted in the most facepalms since this came out in theaters. So what exactly did he say? Let's take a look and then break it down.

In fact you didn't even have to watch the video to find out what he said. But anyways, I'm stunned that anyone would say that this wayward club will not only make the playoffs but win the NFC East. But quite frankly this team would probably finish last in the NFC West, which is not very easy to do.
There are many flaws on this Redskins squad. The defense was pretty awful last year and brought in some replacements that would be very additions if the Redskins played a 4-3 defense, such as Ryan Kerrigan and Barry Cofield. However, the 'Skins play a 3-4.
The offense is even more a mess. The only playmaker is the aging Santana Moss, and how he's still going I may never now. The team is relying on unproven players at the other wide receiver spot, plus seem to be going with a backfield by committee, as well as having an atrocious offensive line that did not get upgraded as needed in the offseason (even after signing Jamaal Brown and Chris Chester).
But the biggest problem that the team has is at quarterback. We all know about Grossman's flaws, no need to get all worked about them. But he may actually be the best quarterback in the ballyhooed competition that I described for you at the beginning of this piece. You want to know who the other quarterback is? The guy that caused Ian Eagle to say "OH, NO." Ladies and gentlemen, the 2011 Washington Redskins. Give them a bow.
By the way for future reference, the only other quarterback in Redskins camp is Kellen Clemens. I kid you not. But at least he always wants to be the hero though, that is admirable. But at least Brooks Bollinger is not in camp...

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