25 August 2011

ESPN Makes Michael Vick White, I'm Not Kidding

Well ESPN the Magazine is running an issue all about Michael Vick and there's an article, plus the accompanying picture seen above, titled "What If Michael Vick Were White?" It was written by noted author TourĂ© but he asked ESPN to not call it "What If Michael Vick Were White?" and he never thought they would put in a picture of Vick in whiteface. In other words, it speaks to the classiness of the supposed worldwide leader.
Want to see the picture in action? Here's it and the article on ESPN.com (which ESPN took down then put back up. Pretty bizarre article to be honest (everything would be okay if Vick was white. Everything that has happened to him is a result of his being African-American) and the photo is just absurd. But then again, we're talking ESPN here.

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