12 July 2011

Why Can't David Kahn Do Anything Right?

As the Timberwolves have finally fired Kurt Rambis as their head coach, I think this is a good opportunity to simply reflect on how terribly inept Minnesota President David Kahn truly is, just by this whole process.
Now did Rambis deserve to get fired? Absolutely. I can't think of many coaches that go 32-132 in two NBA seasons and get another chance. Plus Rambis has shown little knowledge on how to actually coach; he struggles to fully master a rotation, he shackles players to a system they are not fit for at all in the triangle, he is not a very good communicator with his players, and had rocky relationships with many players, most notably budding star Kevin Love. Rambis was awful and thus firing him was the right move.
How Rambis fired speaks volumes of the kind of clown Kahn is. Kahn apparently decided to dump Rambis on June 22, about three weeks ago, and only now got rid of him. Not only that, but Rambis was clearly not in the know about his situation as Kahn himself never communicated his status to him. Plus the front office wanted to reassign him in the organization, essentially the equivalent of firing a principal and making him a substitute teacher. The baffling manner that Kahn took to actually fire Rambis is simply classless and borderline absurd.
Of course I could go on about the terrible personnel man that David Kahn is, but that's Bill Simmons' territory.

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